the secret of Divine




the sound of grass humming  

echoed among the hills

sounds like a wordless song  

lull this imagination within

wander in a question

is this the song of silence?

the evening breeze blowing

swaying the foliage gently

feels like caress without touch

this soul drifted along

wander in a question

is this the touch of love?


answer me!!!

my voice splitting the hill

shocking the foliage

in a sigh they reply

o dear….

it’s the secret of  divine


– mei –




24 thoughts on “the secret of Divine

  1. what a a glorious picture you have painted with words that
    show us a part of the journey we are on….
    I like the secret for I have shared within it…which I am forever grateful…
    Beautiful as indeed is your Spirit’s Light Mei….
    Take Care…You Matter…..

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