the intersection




those skinny children on the street
who ran and laughed at the crossroads
clapping their hands while singing
naïvely  begging for mercies


O the children of the street
who seeing to the window car with hoping eyes
sleep on the mattresses asphalt roofed the sky
can not complain to the unjust life




O the poor children on the street
your dream hanging on the fancy cars
your future scattered, blown by the exhaust fumes
always happy in the heat of the sun nor rain 


the light had changed green
and the deafening horns shocked me
which glued on the steering
thinking of my children…. how lucky they are


 mei –


photos from google


18 thoughts on “the intersection

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  2. So really you writing Meiro dear! Unfortunately worldwide are homeless children! I’m so sorry that this happens! Sorry there are these extreme between people, some others too poor and some others too rich!

    Have a wonderful day and many blessings!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

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