the touch of a broken love



 if love is beautiful

as the words that written

why the beauty was so vulnerable

if love is painful

as tenderness as sliced by a knife

why the wound was not bleed

your feelings are so tender

but hinted of disappointment

your words are so sweet

but painted by anguish


please explain … oh poet

whether the words just the expression of feelings

whether the tenderness was the cry of soul

or just an emotional moment when touched by a broken love


oh poet

if the poems were the picture of your heart

how miserable your life is


– mei –


at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet




16 thoughts on “the touch of a broken love

  1. Good morning Meiro,this is an exquisite poem.Love always heals,always kind,always hopes.Thank you for liking my post ( a letter to my son) Happy Saturday.jalal

  2. Hi Mei,
    Life is as different as there are individuals. For some it is misery, touched by moments of happiness and love. For others it is happiness and love, touched by moments of sadness. For the majority of us it seems a balance of each. My goal is happiness and love, touched by moments of sadness. I wish that for you too.

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