yesterday ‘not for’ tomorrow



the music been played, the song sung  
why you just silent
wandering away in your mind
which flew in the quasi beauty


everybody dancing, they are laughing
but you …, o dear you just remain silent
infiltrated deep into the past
buried in the mud of misery


oh dear friend
where the hope that hold
where the dream to achieved
where the hell is your world
why hiding from reality
or maybe this is the destiny that enjoyed
if my friend…., if I could take you
watch the sun crawls from the horizon
watch the red dusk reaching the night
strode across yesterday to meet tomorrow


– mei –




13 thoughts on “yesterday ‘not for’ tomorrow

  1. Dear Mei, sometimes when someone seems quiet and lost in thought they are remembering happiness in another place, at a different time than the now. I find myself doing that from time to time. Not buried in the mud of misery, just spending a moment remembering a past happiness.

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