among the stars



when blue skies turn to dark
look above you
I’ll be among the stars


when the breeze touches you
feel the caresses
which sent to release my longing


and when you are in solitude
listen to the lyrics of foliage song
which written to state my love


my child,
you will be as strong as the pillar of kingdom
you will be as patient as twilight waiting the evening
you will never give up like the crashing waves
till you’d be among the stars


– mei –





16 thoughts on “among the stars

  1. Gentle words imbued with the grace of a loving, merciful universe. ‘As patient as twilight waiting for evening…’ I really like it. How often we are impatient with life and its lessons.

    Thanks for this wonderful post, Mei.

  2. your words flow on this mornings breeze…the sun is out and a good day to work in the gardens after the rains….
    Beautiful words from a beautiful soul….
    Take Care Mei…You Matter…

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