music is my engine



It starts with typical tone in a minor which is a sign, that this is it.
It is calling me.
Like hypnosis.
In the moment it lifts my spirit.
I jump from the chair with ease into a soft dance.
These Arabic rhythms are so natural to me.

They are so wild and so tender… everything at once.
They are uncontrollable.
They are free. I am free to merge with God.
I turn together with this music around the Sun.



I am this music.
I feel it in my solar plexus,
I feel it in my heart,
I feel it in my head and in my blood.
I breathe music.
I am in love.
In a trance.
I am Scheherazade who is flying on a carpet through the Universe with the speed of light.
I am high.  
I am peace.
I have super powers.
I am full of energy.
I am powerful like a Gods.
I am really me.
I am turning and turning.
Music is my engine.
I am turning and turning like I am not from here.
Music are actually words from God changed into songs, so that we can all understand Him.

– Jalaluddin Rumi –