painting the sky

too long you shackled by miserable
letting me wait in uncertainty
sailing alone…. without skipper
spent my days in wondering


why so much dark covering your soul
what the hell heaven had done on you
united with the darkness
haunted by the voices inside you
evicting you into another world
so you feel so damned


o sir
you have painted the sky with sadness
so the couples of seagulls
bounced away and disappeared in the distance
the sky became empty….  without painting


wish you would open the door
and let me reaching your troubled soul
to cast away the misery
and set your spirit  free


come on sir
the river is waiting to flow together
the leaves inviting to whisper along
or perhaps you preferred to fly along the seagulls
to paint the sky with love


– mei –


12 thoughts on “painting the sky

  1. Hauntingly Beautiful Mei….
    I have met your “Sir” and I hope you can reach within him
    with your words to paint the sky with colors of joy….
    i am so glad to read your thoughts again, its nice to know you
    are real as your thoughts….
    Take Care…You Matter…

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