no curves to turn back



she said to me
my dear daughter
you are walking on the path of life
have you ever ask yourself
if  you have walking on the right path

when arrived at a crossroad
have you asked yourself
which direction should be taken

after direction decided
you have to assures yourself
that you have taken the right one
since there are no curves to turn back

I shuddered
started asking myself
the indecisive  feelings arose
this body shivered
my soul trembled

then she said softly
sweetheart…  if you are not sure
just stop for a moment
ask Him
to lead you to the right direction


– mei –


7 thoughts on “no curves to turn back

  1. Mei,
    No one knows if they took the right road. We just have to follow the path we’ve taken, working to make it the best we can. Sometimes what is perceived as the “wrong” path is as good as other choices because we will never know what those other choice may have brought.

  2. beautiful we listen to the voice our heart whispers
    we know we are headed in the right direction for us at that moment
    no matter what the place we arrive at, its for us…
    Wonderful as always….
    Take Care…You Matter…

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