in search of answer


I rearranged the words that scattered along my note

simply to communicate with imagination and compromised with mind

about life which swayed on waves of good and bad

about the thin gap which separates right and wrong

just a simple short poem about a search of answer

that  long been silent like shadow



to you and your family


word by word

from heart to heart

sentences binds us together

so that we’re never ever torn apart

on this occasion let me convey my prayer

may you and your family get nurtured with lots of love

may your hearts be filled with light, peace and faith in God

may your days of doubt be replaced with days of hope and cheer




with love, light & peace





no morning light greetings

no silver moon sweet smile

no beauty could be seen behind the tears of regret

dripping into the soul but unable to dissolve the feelings of guilt

if allowed

let me tuck the note of regret between your toes

let me gather the crumbs of forgiveness on the floor of your heart

so I could raise my head

to reply the morning light greetings

and gaze the sweet smile of silver moon




strands of blue


would you sit with me

waiting for the moon to emerge

would you sit by my side

to catch the bias of moonlight

so the line of your face could clearly be seen

and your eyelashes could be counted strand by strand

but you are just a shadow

silent and allied to the dark

buried in memories

enhanced the strands of my blue




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Once Upon a Time When (reblogged)

I’m just somebody

whether they knew

in my solitude

to the moon I talk…, and even then if appears

to the stars I complain…, and even then if it blinks

with the chant of wind I knit silence

and passed the time with a small candle glowing reluctantly

o how sad
this heart wrapped in bitterness thus not able to welcome love

these eyes were not able to gaze the world which clouded by hypocrisy

this tongue not able to spell the misery of soul which wallowed in loneliness

and they called me as

a cool breeze that touches the dried soul

harp’s string that calmed the rhythm of heart

and my poem were the words of gods

their assessment was too high

gosh….,   I’m just somebody

whose befriended with night and sleeping in the cocoon of loneliness

whose thought and feelings were searching for the justification
of self and the greatest meaning of life


– mei –


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with burden on my back

I have to walk

with tears and dripping sweat

no complain

just keep walking

but my steps is getting slowly

the burden feels so heavy

no longer able to bear

I am tired but won’t give up

so I put it down

and continue the journey

till time takes my breath away


– mei –


the bridge of life


you came in naked
wrapped in the aroma of sanctity
pure as a drop of dew released to the dawn
the color of your eyes have not touched by worldly light glare
your mother’s breasts are the first earthly enjoyment felt
as the twilight breeze touched cool and softly
the orange embrace the sunset
then dark embrace the night
shining along the bridge of life
which would be passed through
then you realized
temptations scattered like dry leaves
contemptible await their prey and ready to pounce
don’t let them damage the whitish of heart
the angel’s song swirling around
recited heavenly lyrics
verse …. by verse
hold on to the meaning
which will escort to the end


– mei –


somebody in this world

the truth is




somebody in this world would gladly trade places with you.

take time to thank God for

your family

your friends

your health and the opportunities

He has given you.

– Joel Osteen –


– mei –


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the book of life


maybe I was just a word in the book of your life

or a sentence

or a paragraph

it was just a cue of my presence

but then forgotten

now you come and ask me to finish the last few chapters of the book together

but unfortunately I am not able to write one story in two different books

since  I have to finish my own story


– mei –