the book of life


maybe I was just a word in the book of your life

or a sentence

or a paragraph

it was just a cue of my presence

but then forgotten

now you come and ask me to finish the last few chapters of the book together

but unfortunately I am not able to write one story in two different books

since  I have to finish my own story


– mei –


9 thoughts on “the book of life

  1. i was wandering in cyberspace and saw your words
    took me back to a time when i thought i knew what love was
    now the chapters of my book unfold with no knowledge of that feeling
    sad how someone can be there one day and gone the next

    I hope you are doing okay Mei…i know you miss your mom….know you are in my thoughts and prayers
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. perfect fit in my thoughts this morning Mei…
    your wonderful writing always seems to find the spot where I need to hear…
    Thank you for being you…
    Take Care…You Matter…
    Hope all is well in your world these days…
    just me

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