give but never promised

the chapter of 2013 just completed

now I just start writing the second pages of chapter 2014

it’s really an awesome book

the mistakes made on previous pages cannot be edited

but could be written better on the next page

and the book covers were beautiful

the birth date as front cover and the date of death as back cover yet could not be seen

the book’s page are pure white that gives me chances to correct the mistakes of previous pages

if you ask will the story ended happy

I really do not know….,  but of course that is my dream

 I am just the author and the storyline is the authorization of the owner of book of life

through the holy book He told me to write rightly and even better than on earlier chapter

because once written….. it could never be edited

thus the following pages should be written proper and carefully

happy writing in your book of life

there will always be a new page as the opportunity to do something right in the days of life

please write with the ink of love and compassion, and the pen of wisdom  .

I pray may God will always be with you in every step

He never promised that the sky will always blue, the flowers will always bloom
and your days will always be brighter


He always gives rainbow in every storm, smile for tears,
blessing in each trial and answer to every prayers

Chapter 2013 life is over…., hopefully the chapter of life in 2014 will be much better

happy new year 2014

with love, light & peace,



21 thoughts on “give but never promised

  1. I have been graced within my storybook
    to read your stories within words and images I look
    to pause and ponder the thoughts on your pages
    as you dance beautifully center stage

    you weave with needle and thread
    a tapestry of golds, blues and reds
    to spin the light within heaven and earth’s morning sunrises
    and again when the sun sets below the horizon

    I am honored to have such a friend as you
    one who is original and true blue
    and I look forward to another chapter in the New Year
    as I know you will be right here

    I hope you and yours had a wonderful New Year Mei
    I wish you more of the Best that is yet to Be….
    Your poem flowed with the music perfectly and I enjoyed
    your thoughts as this new Year begins…
    Thank you for being you….
    Take Care….
    You Matter….

    • I really don’t know what to say …. truly heartwarming reading this message. Mary, I also be honored to have you as a wonderful friend and a grateful to God for the opportunity to be present in the page of your book of life.
      Thank you very much dear friend my prayers will always be with you.
      Many blessings to you & family,

      Love & hugs,

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