an ‘inevitability’

….and I stay stunned
one other soul leave the body
a life changed to a death

if I die…. oh no
I’m not ready yet

suddenly my brain says:
“I knew, you knew… we all knew
every soul that breathes will surely die
because death is an ‘inevitability’
it will come to anyone, anytime, anywhere
no delay… no resist… no exception”

then my heart interrupts:
“it’s not to be feared
if you have enough charities
to get the key of the hereafter”


“Who are often remembering the death and diligently prepare to face death
will get the serenity of the world and the glory of the hereafter. “

– Prophet Muhammad –

10 thoughts on “an ‘inevitability’

  1. Hi Mei !
    It’s so good to see this. I hadn’t seen any postings from you for so very long… Welcome back. You are so right in your writing. Death will come for all, the mighty as well as the lowest ones. None will escape its coming or be forgotten. It seems that after a certain number of years and experiences, one ceases to fear it and only watch as it walks alongside of us like an old friend.

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