good old friends

42 years have passed
your hair has become gray
mine as well
my face was wrinkled
your’s too
you changed, I changed…., we all changed

a60only one thing that has not changed
the silliness of our behavior




 TM1in togetherness…
pain and lonely lost in laughter
we are grandma and grandpa
who momentarily forgotten age and grandchildren


a64let’s keep the rope of this friendship
with love and understanding
and maintain the value and meaning
to always be tightly bound


good  old friends


one day
when no one cares to wipe my tears
when no one comes to ease my pain
when no one can be invited to reminisce
when I feel left out
be friendly with loneliness
I knew you will be there for me

Hopefully we could be best friends
until we should start all over again as new friends
when senility force us to ask over and over…  “who are you?”

I thank God who has given the opportunity to meet and get together with good old friends,
and thank you for being my wonderful old friends



dedicated to my high school friends
  SMA PSKD 1,  graduated on 1972


“Learn to be a good friend because one day when you look aside he may not be there anymore”.
– meiro –