a sacred wish




silently known
laying in the corner of each heart
the greatest honor that bestowed
a basic concept of perfecting the harmony of life
like music, echoed around the world
you…, me… everyone has love
everyone are entitled to live in peace
and  sets us free to resonate in timeless harmony
speak the words of care to bring harmony to our earth
do not let it grow like a tree in the meadow
cluttered by the wind of ego
slowly dried the branches of feelings
or let them just go away
love is a word with deeper meaning of ideal reality
the example of bearer of the light
and be the admiration of all who follow
to shine like star at the dark night of hatred
there’s an inner voice whispering clear to our ears
there’s a sacred sense beating in our hearts
closer and true than we realize
speaking for all creatures
speaking for all the living to shine together



4 thoughts on “a sacred wish

  1. Hello My Faraway Friend 🙂 Thought iwould wander by and….
    Wish You a peace-filled moment that lasts forever….
    I miss This is such a beautiful work of art…you need to write again..you and your thoughts are missed more than you know….
    Take Care…You Matter…MUCH
    your faraway friend…just me

  2. Mei,
    This is a wonderful message, and beautifully written. Peace – will we ever know it in our time? My heart is so sad for the world we live in as it seems that violence and hatreds only seem to grow and increase with time. Will it ever end?
    Know peace in your heart, my friend, and the love of those around you. Hugs!

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