deep inside

the pain forced me to cry

as the rain beats down

upon my empty eyes

merges with my warm tears

wets the sidewalks

we use to pass by every day

the same sidewalks

not the same anymore






on the moon I paint this smile

to the night I leave my loneliness

through the wind I send this longing

in dreams I let this love permeated





your imperfection makes me understand you better
my imperfections make you understand me better
my friend
we are now sitting side by side
walking hand in hand
the imperfections have become perfect



imperfections would be perfect
if accepted with sincerity

photo by Ronizar Rozavian.



just with
one touch
one kiss
one dance
you’ve changed my life
I am standing strong
with my head held high smiling
willing to live, love and laugh
yet my soul
just to be with you




Maria Grujicic

Maria Grujicic



I am saturated
of translating the night’s songs

I am tired
of counting the stars

I want to go
flying among the clouds
to avoid this loneliness

I want to be blown by the wind
greet the leaves
pinching butterflies
chatting with birds
then my days remain unfilled
and ends with a smile


through a star


in the night mist before dawn

while gazing at the stars

here… inside me

your presence felt strongly

gaze at the same star

I think love will never come back

apparently it never goes

just like the scent of wine that’s left

a taste of love will linger after

at this moment…

it’s the only dream

yet our new tomorrow will come

when there is no distance

no different time and space

and no more goodbye

to the moments that timeless



to my dear faraway friend

cry  my friend… please cry
release the tightness of the chain
let the tears of sadness
dried by wind to bring your pain away

cry  my friend… please cry
release the heavy of burden
let the tears rolling away along with pain
dried by wind to take your sadness away

send your longing through prayer and praise
to purify your languishes soul
yet keep the beauty of memories
dancing in the deep of the soul

wish I could shoo your pain
wish I could stop it engrave your chest
wish I could be there for you
but you are too far away to be reached
I could only pray
‘Dear God …,
please give strength and fortitude
to my dear faraway friend…
for I believed
the trials that given would not exceed her ability.’



the secret of life
too complicated to understand
too high to be touched
too deep to be withdrawn
however ended in death
- nafaz-



sail the ocean under the silver moon
lulled in a deep stillness
maybe you are longing
maybe you are in blue
maybe you are in lonesome

walking on the fallen leaves under the rain
lulled in deep lonely
I am longing
I am in blue
I am lonesome

you are alone
I am alone
we are lonesome
hoping the dream comes