I am saturated
of translating the night’s songs

I am tired
of counting the stars

I want to go
flying among the clouds
to avoid this loneliness

I want to be blown by the wind
greet the leaves
pinching butterflies
chatting with birds
then my days remain unfilled
and ends with a smile


4 thoughts on “bored

  1. so many changes that I think it makes one want to just pause at the end of a breath and see if we can just hold on to the stillness for a while before chaos of life strikes again
    I saw your email Mei, Thank you for always being here for me…your kindness is a gift wrapped in smiles…( I will answer today πŸ™‚ hopefully no other surprises happen to derail me )
    Hope all is well My Faraway Friend,
    know you are thought of over here in Texas
    Take Care…You Matter…

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