a search

whether they knew
in my solitude
to the moon I talk…, and even if appears
to the stars, I complain…, and even if it blinks
with the chant of wind, I knit silence
and passed the time with a small candle glowing reluctantly

o how sad
this heart wrapped in bitterness thus not able to welcome love
these eyes were not able to gaze the world which clouded by hypocrisy
this tongue not able to spell the misery of soul which wallowed in loneliness
and they called me as
a cool breeze that touches the dried soul
harp’s string that calmed the rhythm of the heart
and my poem were the words of gods
their assessment was too high

gosh…., I’m just someone
whose befriended with night and sleeping in the cocoon of loneliness
whose thought and feelings were searching for the justification
of self and the greatest meaning of life

(written 3 years ago in my old book)