sail the ocean under the silver moon
lulled in a deep stillness
maybe you are longing
maybe you are in blue
maybe you are in lonesome

walking on the fallen leaves under the rain
lulled in deep lonely
I am longing
I am in blue
I am lonesome

you are alone
I am alone
we are lonesome
hoping the dream comes




a sacred wish




silently known
laying in the corner of each heart
the greatest honor that bestowed
a basic concept of perfecting the harmony of life
like music, echoed around the world
you…, me… everyone has love
everyone are entitled to live in peace
and  sets us free to resonate in timeless harmony
speak the words of care to bring harmony to our earth
do not let it grow like a tree in the meadow
cluttered by the wind of ego
slowly dried the branches of feelings
or let them just go away
love is a word with deeper meaning of ideal reality
the example of bearer of the light
and be the admiration of all who follow
to shine like star at the dark night of hatred
there’s an inner voice whispering clear to our ears
there’s a sacred sense beating in our hearts
closer and true than we realize
speaking for all creatures
speaking for all the living to shine together



the end of his career



This incredible photo marks the end of Matador Torrero Alvaro Munera’s career.

He collapsed in remorse mid-fight when he realized he was having to prompt
this otherwise gentle beast to fight. He went on to become an avid opponent of
bullfights. Even grievously wounded by picador, he did not attack this man.

Torrero Munera is quoted as saying of this moment:
“And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have in their eyes,
and he looked at me with this pleading. It was like cry for justice, deep down inside of me.
I describe it as being like a prayer because if one confesses, it is hope, that one is forgiven.
I felt like the worst shit on earth”.


from Best Quotes


– mei –


the remaining longs

street lights shining dimly
night wind blows a scent I’ve ever known
thrilling the remaining longs
oh that feeling is still there

rain began to fall
like silver needles pierce my veil
I sheltering in front of a store
wishing I was with you

waiting for the rain to stop
the memories about you venturing
you was the one who sow the seeds of love
you let grow large with leaves of longing
but then you left it drought
the tree of love languish

in this solitude
I wondered
why we met if then have to split
why should there be love
if it only makes us miserable
oh God wish I knew your purpose

I shudder …..  walk home in the rain


– mei –


not to hurt but heals

I see your eyes globes empty and dead
lies beneath the shade of blue
whether love has made you miserable

oh… sir
I heard your bones creaked and your soul trembled
moan along the howling of the night bird
whether the love is only an empty whisper

sir, please…
don’t look up and ask why
since the sky is sneering at you
don’t look to the dark and ask why
since the night just silent like the black mirror

don’t let love gnawing your soul
because you will never understand
bitter or sweet, it will be stamped in you forever


– mei –


broke before dawn


you said you loved me

and will keep me happy forever

before the end of the dream

you have promised

that tomorrow night

an engagement ring will be on my finger

the morning sun blushing my cheek

wake me up for work

I could not pay attention on anything

unbearable of waiting for the night to come  

but night after night has passed

wandering and searching for you with hope

at the end

just me and my expectations

I keep convincing my self
every night 

to dream and dream again


all dreams broke before dawn

before the ring attached on my finger


– mei –









A very poor man lived with his wife.
One day, his wife, who had very long hair asked him to buy her a comb
for her hair to grow well and to be well-groomed.

The man felt very sorry and said no.
He explained that he did not even have enough money
to fix the strap of his watch he had just broken.
She did not insist on her request.

The man went to work and passed by a watch shop,
sold his damaged watch at a low price and went to buy a comb for his wife.

He came home in the evening with the comb in his hand ready to give to his wife.

He was surprised when he saw his wife with a very short hair cut.

She had sold her hair and was holding a new watch band.

Tears flowed simultaneously from their eyes,
not for the futility of their actions, but for the reciprocity of their love.


To love is nothing, to be loved is something
but to love and to be loved by the one you love,
that is everything.
Never take love for granted..!!


Shared from  Believe In Your Self & What Other Thinks Won’t Matter


– mei –



he has been hurt

he has been hurt
pierced by the thorns of love
stand among bitterness

he has been hurt
crying and screaming
without sound

he has been hurt
his blood infused by the love’s poison
lethal a half of his soul

he has been hurt
asked me to remove the toxins from the blood
with a passion of hope

he has been hurt
by my love


– mei –


the old motorbike (along the memory lane)

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it is for me

This poem is a continuation of the earlier poems.
Visitors who have not read “was not for me, I suggested to read it first
before reading this one.



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the gamble of love

the flavor of love
cradles the beauties
luring the pleasures
no reasons to be rejected
at the other side
disappointment shadowing
hopes shrouded by uncertainty
no signs of pain
no pictured of sadness

when love game begins
eyes were blind…, ears were deaf
vinegar tasted like wine
unwittingly shadowed by bitterness

her destiny was to be touched by the fingers of love
and created to sipped the wine of love
that always sweet at first
might be bitter at the end

that intoxicated by the poison of feeling
trapped in her love destiny

could become a hopeless drifter


– mei –

was not for me

play me a song
then I will dance for you

why you are so silent
is something bothering
tell me
I might could help

tell me……
if you’re sad…., then I will make you happy
if you’re lonely …., then I will be by your side
if there is something to say…., I will be a good listener
he looked at me in doubt
said “I miss her”

o sir
tell the wind
it will blow your longing to her

I run to the edge of the sky
while tears falling heavy as rain
the longing was not for me


– mei –

a cup of love


no …., not sweet promises that I expect
but just one word

no …., not persuasion that I expect
but just one word

no …., not the intimacy that I expect
but just one word

no …., not gold or diamonds that I ask
but just
a cup of your love

then ….
I would run into your arms
and announced the world that
I’m in love…


– mei –


what love is
let it touch me
whether like gentle breeze
or terrible as hurricane

let me know
bring it into my dream
whether sweet as honey
or bitter as gall

oh poet
write a poem about love
create me as the lines of your poem
just to understand

at morning bird sings
awake without a tender touch
emptiness seeps to the recesses of soul
without love …… how fragile this life would be


– mei –

a never ended love

take ….. take me to heaven
fly ….. fly me to heaven

just to be with him
please tell me
is there a stairway to heaven?
let me find it so I could be with him
my love
you are so far
come, please come
touch this longing soul
let the love flowing through
keep it flowing
though separated by death

keep believing
our love will never end


– mei –

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through a falling leaf

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in the cocoon of the past

her beauty teased
her charm  blinding
took him into a want of having
dragging into an imagination which tells him
her warm will embraced him in cold
her intimacy will accompanied  him in solitude
her shadow will comforted  him in restless
which took him in a passion to grab
he touch her
but she is wet by tears
and her soul bleed
oh… she is so frail
wrapped by the cocoon of miserable
the time he tried to lift her
she avoid  and begging
let me belong to my past
it sudden disperse his fantasy
and put him into a disillusion  
her beauty still teased
her charm  still blinding
but his passion of having has gone
let the imagination in the cocoon of her past


– mei –

I wonder!

in the rain
under the sun
in each corner of this earth
I am looking for a glimmer of harmony
but it’s rare, even difficult to find
here and there ….just
suffering children
women become widowed
husband had been assassinated
and those that lefts are lamenting for lost
it’s the caused of the power and politics arrogance
to all the leaders of the countries, where is the sense of humanity
why do not we let togetherness growing and developing?
why can’t we cherish  the opportunity that given?
why can’t we keep love and be in peace?
where is the given compassion?
is this our desired?
I wonder!


– mei –

The Indian Coast Guard has released a harrowing video account of its rescue of Rohingya
boat people, showing skeletal men crowded on the gunwales of their sinking vessel.
More than 300 of the boat’s original contingent died and 88 were rescued.


Peace is not only for people, race or certain religion, but it’s the right of humankind


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a memory of the first July

among the clouds on the blue sky

white doves flying elegantly

knitting a limitless daydream

of the long waiting

brightly sky became cloudy

shoo the white doves to marching home

left a loneliness spreading to the soul

daydream changed into sadness

cuts the thread of the waiting

tears fall on the lap

as rain wets the orchards

bitterness seeped to the heart

carved as the memory of the first July


– mei –

dry in the hugs

when the sun began to set, the red of twilight dims
she staring far to the sky edges
with flowers in her grips

the white doves marching home, take along the hopes and dreams
flying among the dark gray clouds
avoid the promise to be fulfilled

the moon reluctant to smile, the stars twinkling lazy
the song of night start singing
penetrating deep into soul

the song of night sounded away, fading along with hopes
let the flowers dry in her hugs
carve the sorrow of waiting



– mei –

wait for me


you are my first love
now just a distant memory
ended under the sprinkling flowers
you are also my last love
now just a distant memory
ended under a sprinkling flowers
this separation makes me understand
how precious the time we spent together
 the love is still in this heart but you are now a memory
you leave this feeling of love but I have to lose you

I promise  this love will forever stay with me
to take to you one day, goodbye my love
you are my forever love
now just a distant memory
wait for me there…, under the sprinkling flowers


– mei –

(written Feb/2003)

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just like a paper flowers

out of nowhere

it infiltrate and settled in my heart

somehow penetrated into my soul

mastering this heart and minds

then spreading the sense of love

created a happy feeling

like the blooming flower

greet the world with freshness


my love is just like a paper flowers

is not beautiful and fragrant as the original

will not withered by time or fall by the wind


fade away by tears


– mei –

a question to the wet pines

when I was walking among the trees
I heard the leaves talking
about your arrival
I immediately ran to welcome you

but I do not care

when I passed over the bridge
I heard the river whispering
that you had come
and actually you were not coming for me

I was not believe it

then when I was running through the meadow
they were singing a love song
for you had found a new love
and it was not me

this heart crying and the soul had torn
mixed with the pouring rain of tears
’cause you were not coming for me

in hurt
I want you to forget anything about me
and remove my name from memory
then you don’t have to be bothered to come for me

in disappointment
I want you not to  send a message or an invitation
to disclosing any reasons

it’s clear that you were not coming for me

let me be alone
let me find the answer
let me ask to the wet pines
why didn’t you came for me


– mei –

a stupidity of love

when the roses had been dropped
I should have known that your heart had divided
but I ignored

when the roses had been dropped
I should have known that you will soon gone
but I do not care

when the roses had been dropped
I should have known that you do not love me anymore
but I denied

when you were really leaving me

I should have kissed your cheek to say good-bye
but I was unable

this world was collapse

pile up this heart with pain
hoard the hope with disappointment
bury dreams into memories

I picked up the roses

I should know that the relation had been passed
but I am waiting

the roses withered in my grip

I should know that you will not be back
but I will be waiting


– mei –

a remaining part of this heart

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equally perceived

l o v e
is a feeling that can’t be measured
came like an electric shock between two different poles
create a feeling of flying to the land of rainbow
dig a sense of longing
love is beautiful
it’s here
in this heart
but it can create
the carving of sorrow
feels like sliced but not bleed
that difficult to circumvented
bringing misery into the line of dreams
make such days in hell
suffering is painful
it’s here
in this soul
love and sorrow
are in common

both are equally perceived

differences of meeting and parting

I love to be with you since the first time we met
I love seeing you when chasing the butterfly
I love everything about you
such a beautiful moment which
turns my world became shine of love’s joyful
created our time of together into a pleasures of romances which absorb in me
and made me addicted of being with you
but … after you left me
I hate thinking of you
I hate of being embraced by your shadow
I hate everything about you
and I can’t get rid of it

for such a long time,  even
drags my world became misty in a pleasure of sorrows
and sunk me to enjoy the pleasure of being apart

I love you but I hate you and I don’t care whatever it is
because I had already in it
I only knew that the differences of meeting and parting are so thin
while I was already addicted to both of each pleasure

a seed of hope

 the empty stare tells

that the half of soul has been broken

as twig which dries by the sense of longing

which falls on the land that barren by disappointment

the passion flies along the wind of remorse

leave the broken petals of love flower

which strewn on the mat of waiting

that has been shabby by the lament of suffering

now just a seed of hope that remains

hiding under the leaves that rotten by sorrow

let tears of sorrow to watered

until the flower of love bloom again


poem of a waiting in vain

The orange twilight starting to fade
crawling in weak and weary
It slowly disappears from sight
mixing with dark turned to black

The atmosphere of lonely visiting
accompanied by dog’s howling to knitting the night
arousing  the reverie broke the feelings
restless and confusion  immediate erupt

Bamboo leaves are sighing
sliced by the blade of hope
expressing the longing that can’t restrained
engraved the pain of the splitting soul

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Just to release a remorse
of a hope that haven’t come true
the song of love ripping the heart
because of the uncertainty waiting

The moon is crying the stars lamenting
singing the sonnets of lonely
wind sighing twigs crackling
creating poem for a waiting vain



Missing you


whisper of yearning caressing,
as if you are here
the longing builds
like a storm on the horizon
tears falling
like rain with no doubt
tearing the heart that scratched
of losing you……,

as I watch you walk away,
I screamed and begged
“please…….. take me with you!”
but you keep walking away
the chains of lonely bind me again
waiting for you to release
and take me with you……,
though just a small part of my heart


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