if there were visiting hours in heaven




they had gone to heaven

because in there they were freed

of burden and responsibility

they had gone to heaven

because there was no suffering

only love and eternal peace


they had gone to heaven

because there was no suffering

and they will found happiness


I asked; “why didn’t you invite me?”

they replied: “your time has not yet come”

then I asked again; ” could I visit you if I miss?”

and an angel interrupt the conversation said;

“there is no visiting hours in heaven!”


– mei –



for you….


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another poem to be written

that dark blinded me…. blacken my view
unable to withstand the vibrations that felt
which run this hand to a piece of paper
to write

this poem
it is not a delusion
written with  feeling
as if there was no tomorrow
I swing the pen
follow the rhythm of soul
braid in beautiful words
which lull the heart
to whom this poem will be delivered?
“it’s up to the wind!”
whose reading this poem?
and me…..?
will stay here….

for the next vibrations to come
might be later or tomorrow
don’t know when
but there would be
another poem to be written


– mei –

gone with the reverie

if you are an idea

I will kiss you

if you are imagination

I will hug you

if you are words

I will fondle you

but you are just reverie

passed in instant

dragging my words along

left me staring at a blank paper


– mei –

the poet

though you were dead

the words keep flying in mind

like feathers blowing in the wind

freely dancing  in the air

though you were dead

the stanzas still beautifully lilting

like the rhythm of water flowing

fill the cavity of empty soul

even though you were dead

you are still alive and

always be warm

in your poetry


– mei –


what love is
let it touch me
whether like gentle breeze
or terrible as hurricane

let me know
bring it into my dream
whether sweet as honey
or bitter as gall

oh poet
write a poem about love
create me as the lines of your poem
just to understand

at morning bird sings
awake without a tender touch
emptiness seeps to the recesses of soul
without love …… how fragile this life would be


– mei –

no poetry for today

there are
thousand of words sitting in head
but none willing to stand up
to be marched in verses of poetry
the imagination is getting tired of waiting
and it went along with a day passing
they were unwilling to coöperate
really disappointing
nothing could do but wait
till they meet in a mood
O… so sorry
no one knows
perhaps later, … tomorrow
the day after tomorrow


– mei –

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who am I

I am not a cigarette
inhaled, removed and crushed

I am not a shadow
that missing in the dark

if you ask
who am I
even me do not know

maybe I am a visionary
who always haunt the mind

maybe I am a dreamer
who just living in the dream

I might be the verses of poem
which now read


– mei –

the poem without title

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through a falling leaf

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my apology

One day before the month of Ramadan, the Prophet said with humility:
“Amen, amen, amen!”
His friend then asked:
“O Prophet why do you said amen for three times while we have not heard anyone praying.?”
Then the Prophet replied:
“I said amen for three times because the angel Gabriel had just sat here and prayed:
“O God ignore and do not accept the fasting of Muhammad’s ummah if before Ramadan they
have not apologized to their parents, forgive between husband wife, families and to the people surrounding.”


O ye who believe, incumbent upon you to fast (shiyamu) as prescribed for those before you
so that you may become pious.
(Surat Al-Baqarah [2]: paragraph 183)


Ramadan,  the fasting month is coming in a few days.
Before entering this holy month I would like to apologize to all of you
if any of my works or comments had offended you.

To my muslim friends, I wish you a blessed Ramadan

Thank you so much  for being such a wonderful friends.
God bless you my friends.

Best regards,
– mei –

the lost imagination

I have no ideas

my imagination is lost

mind seemed have no meaning

I hope you can understand

that I have nothing to write


you may have the same experienced

at the moment

I could only read and read

then choose the best one

to share with you

now I re-read

and crossed my fingers

hope soon

I will find my lost imagination

– mei –

something to tell

I think that I am a dreamer, which follow my imagination

which dancing with the sense and mind

wishing of something to tell

I think I belong to the words, and make them my world

  playing with the lines of a poem

wishing of something to tell

but often my imagination seems friendless

the words are seems so endless

and the lines of the poem so far away

for there is nothing to tell

and sometimes when I am feeling so helpless

when I am almost to surrender

then I remember that I am a dreamer

so I have to be had

something to tell

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reverie of chasing the splendor of heaven

in reverie I seeping through a blue sky curtain

I  could smell your scent and feeling your embrace 

your love came to my heart and fill its corners

at a glance broke my empty soul into parts

the beauty I longed has slicing my soul into a scream

I did not deserve for the beauty and your love

Since my eyes filled with the dust of greedy

I walk to the edge of the sky on my weary steps

to pursue the forgiveness in the night haze

had heard only the waves singing the song of vain

which slowly walked to the gate of death

Impossible to find the splendor of heaven

my heart is filled with evil and hypocrisy

hurting and making people to be in sorrow is a satisfaction

I aware that pardon will not reach me

no point in being strong like a pillar of the kingdom

I desperately asked for your mercy…my God

for a moment let me drawn into my stupid imagination

to write a poetry about

reverie of chasing the splendor of heaven


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to write in dream


oh father

will you please caress my head

till I get sleepy

oh mother

will you please sing me lullaby

till I fell asleep

 oh my love

will you please hold my hand

let me to my dream

oh loved ones

I have always been a dreamer

only in a dream the world can seem peace and friendly

where I can reach my imagination

where I can follow my visions

oh loved ones

if later I awake

I will dedicate you

a poetry about a woman

that able to write only in her dream


– mei –

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a request to the night

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the feeling inside

when the sun calling

I did not answer

my eyes that accustomed to the dark

can not afford to look on the bright

when the night calling

I replied out loud

because it is my ally

to meditate in a sea of thoughts

lit by a candle

connect the dots into letters

crochet stanzas into poem

to shed the agitated in the chest

only for one reason

to let out the feeling inside my chest