biases of love

You created the bridge of love over the river of  life

and letting me wade alone….,

without guidance


You let the love’s bias slaps the vulnerable faith

to remind me before being immersed

in perverse

O Allah… O Rabbi

let Your love’s biases hitting me

again…and again

so as not be further

dissolved in contemptible


– mei –

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my discordant voice

I played this song
to convey my admiration
of Thy greatness

the guitar strings
interlace the rhythm
to the verses of praise

I want you to listen
but I feel ashamed
because my voice is discordant

O Allah
I just realized
anyhow You will heard
though it sung in my heart


– mei –

from the rib of men

she was created from the rib of men to
to be at his side
to love him
to be the mother of his child

she was created from the rib of men
does not mean that
she could be colonized
she could be denigrated
she could be treated arbitrarily

she was created from the rib of men
to remind that she is behind his success
to remind that she could be behind its demise
to remind there will always be women in his life

she was created from the rib of men
to be loved
to be protected
to be respected

she was created from the rib of men
to be his mother and his daughter


Indeed, women were created from a rib. Actually the most crooked part of the rib is the top.
If you want to straighten it, you’ll break it. And if you want to have fun with her,
you can have fun but in her there is bent.”
(Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)


This issue specifically addressed by the Prophet.
Because in the eyes of Allah women is equal to men in terms of faith.
Women were created from a bent rib, it does not mean that she is bent (ugly).
It’s just a matter of function, where men and women have their own functions.

Let’s look at the shape of a crooked rib, it serves as the framework that make body strength.
So she was also a part that can build and uphold life. Many of soft organs protected by the crooked rib.
As with women, she could take care her children and family’s life.
Crooked is not a form of weakness of women, therefore the Prophet said to counsel women on good terms.
It’s to keep the female psyche for not be broke, so she can execute her primary function
as a mother, wife, as well as her own.

Since the women’s task was given by Allah, therefore He has given the strength to them.
One clear example is the pain during giving birth, it’s an extraordinary power given
by God to women as the hereditary successor.
A good child born from the greatness of a mother who cares and raise them.
Behind the success of a husband, there is a great wife who accompanied and support him.
If women are treated well, then her soul awakened to compassion and patience.
Love and affection all the time in assisting children and their families without feeling hurt or disappointed.


– mei –

me and part of my journey

if I have to look forward
I do not know what kind of obstacle will be found
could be some twists
or pebbles and thorns
that need to stepped on
fallen tree or river to jumped over
or even deadlock
but it’s just a guess
I leave everything to Allah
while I take a rest
I try to recall over my life
which was not as smooth
as the road of my hope

I often making mistakes
I had to face kind of problems
I had to lost some people I’ve loved
and brought me familiar with sorrow
I have to pass through over various hurdles
to be tough
as what I think now
sssssssst ……., I am a crybaby
but that does not mean I am weak
mistakes has taught me to be more careful
problems  costed me to  be stronger
sorrow created me to be more steadfast
and remorse?
I hope it will not happen again
a dream?
I do have a very simple one
to always be a loving caring person
I realized it’s not easy
but I will try with the help of Allah
there is words that I believed

good intentions will bring good results
لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله
La hawla wala quwawata illa billah
(there is no initiative or ability except from Allah)
So this part of my journey
which I sincere accepted as blessing
though not perfect,
lot of mistakes
many problems
it reminds me that I am real
I am human
I am me


– mei –


the echo of adzan


 the adzan

when it echoed

let it touch the soul

let it flow with blood

and sincerity

run the command

for a moment

leave the poetry of life

that wrapped in residues of sin

of the world’s dirtiness

no reason

for the obligation

its strengthen

the weak ship

with faith

don’t delay

as if  the time

soon stopped

to sail to the horizon

of afterlife


Word of the Prophet Muhammad:
“The length of jewelry that would be obtained of a believer on the
Day of Judgment is according to the length of the wet
ablution water body member.”