in the cocoon of the past

her beauty teased
her charm  blinding
took him into a want of having
dragging into an imagination which tells him
her warm will embraced him in cold
her intimacy will accompanied  him in solitude
her shadow will comforted  him in restless
which took him in a passion to grab
he touch her
but she is wet by tears
and her soul bleed
oh… she is so frail
wrapped by the cocoon of miserable
the time he tried to lift her
she avoid  and begging
let me belong to my past
it sudden disperse his fantasy
and put him into a disillusion  
her beauty still teased
her charm  still blinding
but his passion of having has gone
let the imagination in the cocoon of her past


– mei –

bleeding heart

You look at me with those daunting eyes

As if wanting to swallow

The words sharp as  a knife

As its slicing through myself

Tearing this fragile heart

I can feel the pain

But couldn’t avoid

The feeling is too strong

Blinded my eyes

Deafen my ears

Covered my mind

I want to run away but couldn’t

My legs are embedded

In the feeling of love

Which no longer able to distinguish

Pain or love

Time to time

The wound is starting to fade

Although heart still hurt

Scratches imprinted

And the feeling is still there

I slowly sewing the tearing wound

Fix it  so as not too painful


You come back with the same sharp knife

And stab it on my sewing wound

Oh…. So painful

Too pain to say

Blood everywhere

Wetting both embedded feet

Ooh ….. I can pull it out

Then run away from you

With bleeding heart