would never be enough




on your wrinkled face
marched the unending love

on your fragile bones
engraved the countless sacrifices

through your breath
blew the unceasing prayers

just for me

mom….., for you
a world-wide of thank you
would never be enough


– mei –


photo credit : American Native Graphic



in my shortcomings


gave birth to you was beauty

raising you was my liability

leading you is my duty

loving you is a loveliest pleasure

your hopes are my prayer

your struggle is my pain

your tears is my anguish

your wound is my suffering

in your dark I will be the eyes

in the drought I will become the rain

in the storm I will become the shelter

in your battle I will be the shield

for you …. I willingly sacrifice

for you …. my love is unconditional

because of you….. my breath has meaning


– mei –

Dedicated to  my beloved sons Romeza, Rolanzi and Ronizar
with all the shortcomings I will always try to give my best …
though I knew perfection only belongs to Allah SwT.

With  all my love,