just with
one touch
one kiss
one dance
you’ve changed my life
I am standing strong
with my head held high smiling
willing to live, love and laugh
yet my soul
just to be with you







if this life is a game
whether I’ll be the player or spectator
if I’m a spectator
then I will sit in place yelling to support the players
but if I am the player then I should win
if life is a theater
whether I’ll be the actor or director
if I am  the actor I have to act very well
but if I in charged as the director
then I have to responsible for the success of the drama
ah ….  so complicated and confusing
perhaps life is not to choose
as well as it can’t be assumed
I guess I have to keep dancing
floating along the rhythm of life
and enjoy the elegance of its music



it is for me

This poem is a continuation of the earlier poems.
Visitors who have not read “was not for me, I suggested to read it first
before reading this one.



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was not for me

play me a song
then I will dance for you

why you are so silent
is something bothering
tell me
I might could help

tell me……
if you’re sad…., then I will make you happy
if you’re lonely …., then I will be by your side
if there is something to say…., I will be a good listener
he looked at me in doubt
said “I miss her”

o sir
tell the wind
it will blow your longing to her

I run to the edge of the sky
while tears falling heavy as rain
the longing was not for me


– mei –

before the last departure

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