another poem to be written

that dark blinded me…. blacken my view
unable to withstand the vibrations that felt
which run this hand to a piece of paper
to write

this poem
it is not a delusion
written with  feeling
as if there was no tomorrow
I swing the pen
follow the rhythm of soul
braid in beautiful words
which lull the heart
to whom this poem will be delivered?
“it’s up to the wind!”
whose reading this poem?
and me…..?
will stay here….

for the next vibrations to come
might be later or tomorrow
don’t know when
but there would be
another poem to be written


– mei –

destiny of the shadow

when you laugh
I also laugh
but I have no voices
when you cry
I want to hug you
but I was unable
it made me disappointed to myself
sometimes I looks vague
and sometimes so clearly
perhaps that’s the reasons of my presence remained on ignore
I was thinking that you were me
since the words that spoken was heard
and I do every thing you do
but you never ever care about me
whereas you cried so sadly
for those that be unfaithful
for those that hurts you so bad
for those that leave you
while me …
which always be with you
was never be seen…. moreover appreciated
I know, I sometimes seen vague or clearly
and have nothing to give… besides faithful
but I will always be with you
I will never harm you
just following in silent
it was my destiny
which must be accepted


– mei –

the feeling inside

when the sun calling

I did not answer

my eyes that accustomed to the dark

can not afford to look on the bright

when the night calling

I replied out loud

because it is my ally

to meditate in a sea of thoughts

lit by a candle

connect the dots into letters

crochet stanzas into poem

to shed the agitated in the chest

only for one reason

to let out the feeling inside my chest

empty soul

the colors of night lights

decorate my thought

millions of twinkling stars

lighted the dark of this heart

but still waiting

till the moon shows up

so we can rejoice together

accompanied by the night rhythm

we’ll sing and dance together

to fill the half of empty soul

– mei –