the last wish for the last day

no tear to dropped

since it will be a thorn in my grave

no grief on face

for my soul will lightly fly


let me die in peace

and pray for me

let my body embraced by ground

let my bones devoured by worms

as my soul will surely freed of

burden and responsibility

and begin a new life

at the land of peaceful


the cup of dignity

when you cried
I pretended not to hear
when you talk
I don’t want to hear
when you shook me
I pretended not understand

then you ask
why didn’t I answer you
I say
too much to listen to you
made my ears full
no more space for question

you yelled again
why I didn’t  fulfill your request

I say
I grant whatever you’ve asked
I gave everything I had
nothing left to give
besides this dignity
but I’ll keep it

my soul is revoked
which my body will be devoured by worms
but this honor
will stay

to fill the cup of
my descendants

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