who am I

I am not a cigarette
inhaled, removed and crushed

I am not a shadow
that missing in the dark

if you ask
who am I
even me do not know

maybe I am a visionary
who always haunt the mind

maybe I am a dreamer
who just living in the dream

I might be the verses of poem
which now read


– mei –

something to tell

I think that I am a dreamer, which follow my imagination

which dancing with the sense and mind

wishing of something to tell

I think I belong to the words, and make them my world

  playing with the lines of a poem

wishing of something to tell

but often my imagination seems friendless

the words are seems so endless

and the lines of the poem so far away

for there is nothing to tell

and sometimes when I am feeling so helpless

when I am almost to surrender

then I remember that I am a dreamer

so I have to be had

something to tell

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to write in dream


oh father

will you please caress my head

till I get sleepy

oh mother

will you please sing me lullaby

till I fell asleep

 oh my love

will you please hold my hand

let me to my dream

oh loved ones

I have always been a dreamer

only in a dream the world can seem peace and friendly

where I can reach my imagination

where I can follow my visions

oh loved ones

if later I awake

I will dedicate you

a poetry about a woman

that able to write only in her dream


– mei –

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