Minah wants to be rich

come back home Minah….
without you I felt lonely
you’ve been gone for 4 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes
felt like thousand years
perhaps the clock works so slow
please be back my dear
I cannot live without you

… indeed I was wrong
  I’ve tried
to make you happy
but you know exactly how big my income is
I am just an administrative employees
how could be able to buy homes, cars and diamonds as you wish
do I have to corrupt?
you should be proud
for having me, Minah
poor but honest

Minah …., come home
I  miss you
trust me dear
my love is greater than houses, cars, diamonds
and even bigger than this earth

I promised
if later you come home
I will take you to ride the bus
we will see the lights at the Thamrin road
while eating the warm fried tofu
I bet you will be happy
so please come
I feel want to die
but better die than being a corrupter

didn’t I told you before?
for not too much chatting with neighbors

eventually turn out this way
Minah …., Minah


– mei –

if the end is near

at the messy noon
when the breath of life struggling
the torment restrained
in the silence of night
when the breath of life resting
the grief haunted
no naughty tickling from leaves
no jokes from the flirtatious flowers
no swaying of the soft green grass
all just silent ….. in worries
scorch slowly
obliterate  surely
nature crying in deeply
for the dying of sustainability
no one care even aware


– mei –

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shame on me

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l o s t

 leaves are seared
stems are dry up
making the trees
looks bowed shame
water is dripping
out of nowhere
perhaps it’s from the moon
which is crying
stars are dims
lost of passion
maybe they are bored

no sign of life
as if all were silent
so quiet
am I alone
where is the sun
will it rise
will it shine
for I would know
where am I


Look into our selves

many more disasters
come and go
Haiti, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil
and others
corpses everywhere
echoed of wailing cries
is this a sign of apocalypse
is the earth getting older
why this all happened
no one knew

except look into ourselves
ask to our selves
Of any mistakes we’ve made
did we made enough
for our world
or just took in greed
ignore the responsibilities
it’s a cue
to straighten ourselves
to clean
inner and outer
to clean
heart and soul
of anger and spiteful
of greed and hypocrisies
to aware
it’s also has demands
from us to be fulfilled
keep sustainability
for the sake of human being
the sky is above
the earth is beneath
carry both in good
by being good
no more cries
no more corpse
no more loosing
among us and  our earth