understand in whole





In the lyrics of a song
there is sad or glad

in the verses of a prayer
there is demand and repentance

in the game of love
there is sadness and happiness

in life
I just knew
I had to live it
with laughter and tears
with good and evil
through sick and healthy
overall packed in one suitcase
labelled “understand life in whole”


A big thanks to Kamel for the image.


– mei –

the second chance

at a crossroads
he stood confused
grappling against pleasure and evil
doesn’t know where to go
lost direction led him astray
nobody to ask for
he cried for help
nobody cares
While trying to find the way out
He looks into his self
then realizing
it was wrapped in the mud of sin
the empty soul
cried out in desperation
lament the stigma that tightly binds
For letting him fall into an object
drifting along regrets
when drowning in despair
He suddenly realizes

there are hands lifting him
out of the humiliating body
he just helpless surrender
but  tightly holding
then he grateful
for the second chance given