o n e

one hand can lift a soul

one tree can start a forest

one word can frame the goal

one touch can show  you care

one laugh can conquer gloom

one hope can raise your spirits

one life can make the difference

one smile can begin a  friendship

one candle can wipe out darkness

be that “one” to-day


my prayer and deep condolences to those affected

by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.


– mei –

last words.

I could only cry

feeling of useless was struggling  in my chest

couldn’t bear to see him wrestled with death

moaned and groaned resignedly

I could only wish

If God allow me to replace him

but the desire was stream away with tears

such as footprint erased by waves

I hugged him and whispered

“please stay with me”

he weakly open his palms

written there “I will always love you”

bitterness slicing inside my bones

half of my soul gone along with him

after he carved his last words in my life

then he sailed to the forest of immortal

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