the puzzle of life

if have to be happy
why there is sorrow

if have to be love
why there is hatred

if have to die
why there is life

if there is peace
why there is war

it is confusing
not dare to think
moreover to choose

which one is right
which one is wrong

which one is good
which one is bad

it might be
the puzzle of life
but …, how to solved it


– mei –

you are you


my dear friend

stop being unhappy with your self,  you are perfect

stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people
liked you as much as they like someone else

stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks,
love them,
without those things you wouldn’t be you and
don’t ever think want to be anyone else

if anyone hates on you because you are happy with your self,
don’t stick your middle finger in the air, just say screw it

don’t even think to depend your happiness on others

just believe that
you are happy because you love who you are
you love your imperfections,
you love your flaws

they make you ‘YOU’
you are amazing.

be confident with who you are
SMILE, it’ll draw people in

nothing is perfect but God
for some people

you are their inspirations
you are their reasons
you are their happy

you are their idol
you are …………

you are ……..
you are ….
just be your self

you deserved to have a happy
and valuable life because

you have potential
you have talents
you are lovable

everyone loves you
we love you
I love you



– mei –

happy new year

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good or bad
have to walk on
it’s part of life
if we still here
it’s because
the opportunity given
to forgive and be forgiven
to love and be loved
happy new year

falling snow

looking far down the road
waiting for him to come
through the window I see
the coming snow
falling up on the pine leaves
it falls everywhere
as my eyes can see
I ran out and touch it
enjoying the sense of its cold
for the first time


the cold began penetrating
but he has not come yet
I wondering
would he be the same as I knew
would he be nice as online
and another more… “would he”
I sudden see a figure
walking towards me
my heart begins to beat
it might be him
I shyly smile
he staring at me and smile
open his arms and say
“come I’ll keep you warm”



color of the heart



I think the moon can illuminate
the black of this heart
I think the song of night can entertain
the blue of this heart
but I was wrong

then I ask the sky
what should I do
it says
“perhaps the rainbow could  help you”


– mei –

“Me” and the lizards

Tonight I’m so lonely
no him, no touch
thinking of him
the one I long for
he is  my hope
alone, siting with these feelings
that put me in miseryOn the wall
two lizards  are playing love
releasing their needs
don’t have to be in longing
don’t have to be hope
don’t have to be in misery
they just do it
as the rule of nature

Tonight I’m still here
sitting alone, remain alone
The lizards are still together
both are satisfied
both are happy
and I’m jealous

Tonight I promised
I don’t  want to be a lizard
lizard doesn’t have
the sense  that I had
it’s the sense of love
as the rule of nature

little boy

the little boy
siting on the mall’s stairs
watching people come and out
carrying shopping bags
some are laughing
some are rushing
he saw a man
who’s siting near by
giving ice cream to his son
reminding him to his late father

mind drawn about him
he will buy me ice cream
he will also by beside me
to celebrate the evening
He is wiping his tears
remained seating
pressing his stomach
so hungry
Hopes of kindness
to give him food
but no one cares

the man near by
Asking about his parentage
His just shaking head
he then
taking his hand
ask him to celebrate
the night with his family
nothing to say
just teary eyes
reaching the man’s hand
Tears changed to a smile
smiling for
the most beautiful
new year gift
he ever had


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gathering..,  ongoing time filled  with
snacking,  drinking,  smoking,  joking,
laughing, get drunk, dawn is coming
getting tired, all sleep, then
morning arrived,
and night

everyone was happy
friend in need is friend in deed?