he has been hurt

he has been hurt
pierced by the thorns of love
stand among bitterness

he has been hurt
crying and screaming
without sound

he has been hurt
his blood infused by the love’s poison
lethal a half of his soul

he has been hurt
asked me to remove the toxins from the blood
with a passion of hope

he has been hurt
by my love


– mei –


the remaining soul

his shadow slowly disappears

take along half of my soul

dragging the hope to disappointment

splitting the dreams of being wound

God…….I’m not asking you

to bring him back

nor to heal this wound

but with this remaining soul

please strengthen me


– mei –

deep inside


after all you’ve done to me
My mind says to leave the pain you’ve created
but the love’s chain you’d put around me… too tight

after all you’ve done to me
my mind says to leave the disappointment that cause
but the love’s poison you’d given… fainting me

sometime when you are far away
my heart keeps saying that I miss you

sometime when you are close to me
my mind forgot the engraved wound

and my heart says just wait and hope
and my mind says no more disappointment

and my heart says it’s gonna be alright
and my mind says you will live in pain

but deep inside
I knew this feeling wouldn’t end


– mei –

maybe…., this time

if we could see each other again
wishing words would come to tell you
though I’ve only known a few
I need you

If we could see each other again
wishing words would come to tell you
though I’ve only known a few
I love you

we know from the start
we belong to each other
but we were made mistake along the way
we lost what we both had found
and we were too blind to see

If we could see each other again
I wish maybe this time
we won’t be like strangers
we won’t be apart
we won’t say good-bye


– mei

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last words.

I could only cry

feeling of useless was struggling  in my chest

couldn’t bear to see him wrestled with death

moaned and groaned resignedly

I could only wish

If God allow me to replace him

but the desire was stream away with tears

such as footprint erased by waves

I hugged him and whispered

“please stay with me”

he weakly open his palms

written there “I will always love you”

bitterness slicing inside my bones

half of my soul gone along with him

after he carved his last words in my life

then he sailed to the forest of immortal

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the victim

I’m not a toy
I’m not goods
to fight for

you said I am the fruit of love
you said I am the rope of love
is that true?

now where is the fruit and the rope?
is it vanished along with love?
then what am I

your ego and arrogance
had buried your love
ignored my existences
and let me buried in misery

If I could choose
I’d rather not to be born


– mei –



the second chance

at a crossroads
he stood confused
grappling against pleasure and evil
doesn’t know where to go
lost direction led him astray
nobody to ask for
he cried for help
nobody cares
While trying to find the way out
He looks into his self
then realizing
it was wrapped in the mud of sin
the empty soul
cried out in desperation
lament the stigma that tightly binds
For letting him fall into an object
drifting along regrets
when drowning in despair
He suddenly realizes

there are hands lifting him
out of the humiliating body
he just helpless surrender
but  tightly holding
then he grateful
for the second chance given

a seed of hope

 the empty stare tells

that the half of soul has been broken

as twig which dries by the sense of longing

which falls on the land that barren by disappointment

the passion flies along the wind of remorse

leave the broken petals of love flower

which strewn on the mat of waiting

that has been shabby by the lament of suffering

now just a seed of hope that remains

hiding under the leaves that rotten by sorrow

let tears of sorrow to watered

until the flower of love bloom again


poem of a waiting in vain

The orange twilight starting to fade
crawling in weak and weary
It slowly disappears from sight
mixing with dark turned to black

The atmosphere of lonely visiting
accompanied by dog’s howling to knitting the night
arousing  the reverie broke the feelings
restless and confusion  immediate erupt

Bamboo leaves are sighing
sliced by the blade of hope
expressing the longing that can’t restrained
engraved the pain of the splitting soul

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Just to release a remorse
of a hope that haven’t come true
the song of love ripping the heart
because of the uncertainty waiting

The moon is crying the stars lamenting
singing the sonnets of lonely
wind sighing twigs crackling
creating poem for a waiting vain



running with time

standing in front of the mirror
noticing my face started to wrinkled
oh…., I am getting older
along with time
t i m e
could you stop for a while
then I could delay  
the spreading wrinkles
it won’t stop
it doesn’t care
it doesn’t understand
it just keep on running
while wrinkles keep on spreading
let’s forget the wrinkles
please just stop
although only for a moment
I need to take a breath
to put  some make-up to thinning of the wrinkles


feelings in love

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crying for a love feeling

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Dream goes on


of life
nothing changed
to see you again
no good bye
no love end
to be with you
deep inside
why this dream
keep goes on and on

Known and unknown

I wish I knew
when time will arrive
leave me on my own
to pass through this life

I wish I knew
when will you go
It will change
everything in life

If I don’t know
when will time arrived
will I be on my own
to pass through this life

If I don’t know
when will you go
will all be changed
everything in life

Which I don’t know
would all be the same
unchanging as before
I do not know
none of differences
known and unknown
all had been there
Recorded in writing

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“Me” and the lizards

Tonight I’m so lonely
no him, no touch
thinking of him
the one I long for
he is  my hope
alone, siting with these feelings
that put me in miseryOn the wall
two lizards  are playing love
releasing their needs
don’t have to be in longing
don’t have to be hope
don’t have to be in misery
they just do it
as the rule of nature

Tonight I’m still here
sitting alone, remain alone
The lizards are still together
both are satisfied
both are happy
and I’m jealous

Tonight I promised
I don’t  want to be a lizard
lizard doesn’t have
the sense  that I had
it’s the sense of love
as the rule of nature