gone with the reverie

if you are an idea

I will kiss you

if you are imagination

I will hug you

if you are words

I will fondle you

but you are just reverie

passed in instant

dragging my words along

left me staring at a blank paper


– mei –

no poetry for today

there are
thousand of words sitting in head
but none willing to stand up
to be marched in verses of poetry
the imagination is getting tired of waiting
and it went along with a day passing
they were unwilling to coöperate
really disappointing
nothing could do but wait
till they meet in a mood
O… so sorry
no one knows
perhaps later, … tomorrow
the day after tomorrow


– mei –

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in the cocoon of the past

her beauty teased
her charm  blinding
took him into a want of having
dragging into an imagination which tells him
her warm will embraced him in cold
her intimacy will accompanied  him in solitude
her shadow will comforted  him in restless
which took him in a passion to grab
he touch her
but she is wet by tears
and her soul bleed
oh… she is so frail
wrapped by the cocoon of miserable
the time he tried to lift her
she avoid  and begging
let me belong to my past
it sudden disperse his fantasy
and put him into a disillusion  
her beauty still teased
her charm  still blinding
but his passion of having has gone
let the imagination in the cocoon of her past


– mei –

the lost imagination

I have no ideas

my imagination is lost

mind seemed have no meaning

I hope you can understand

that I have nothing to write


you may have the same experienced

at the moment

I could only read and read

then choose the best one

to share with you

now I re-read

and crossed my fingers

hope soon

I will find my lost imagination

– mei –

to write in dream


oh father

will you please caress my head

till I get sleepy

oh mother

will you please sing me lullaby

till I fell asleep

 oh my love

will you please hold my hand

let me to my dream

oh loved ones

I have always been a dreamer

only in a dream the world can seem peace and friendly

where I can reach my imagination

where I can follow my visions

oh loved ones

if later I awake

I will dedicate you

a poetry about a woman

that able to write only in her dream


– mei –

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to keep in dream

I liked your eyes
honest and full of love

I liked your voice
heavy and dignified

I liked your smile
sweet and sincere

I liked when you are walking
manly and full of confidence

then I realized I liked you
but you don’t know me
nor even my existence
I am just no one
for if by chance we’ve met
I bet you will never ever liked me
but I don’t care

I only care my likes of you
and keep it stay in my dream


– mei –

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the storm will pass

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