dancing above the questions



through words I let this self danced above the questions

what is life and what is death

why we have to survive to live if dead is peacefulness

so many mysteries in this world that questionable

creates so many curiosities and foster a self creativity

I do not want this curiosity die

it would caused this self creativity stopped

then my life would be monotonous as a robot

a significant life

right ….that’s my wish

so I will keep dancing above the questions

stepping honestly …. moving relentlessly

though the answers obtained yet not satisfactory

again I let myself continue dancing above the questions

spin and keep spinning like earth

till the meaning of life be understood




life & death



the life asked the death:

“I wonder. why people loving me but hate you?”


the death reply:

“Because you are a beautiful lie while I am a painful truth.”


quoted from Yanassanti Hasnam


– mei –


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if yes is the answer


Let me be the verses of love

to be with you in solitude

and fill the lonely nights

with dreams


Let me be the verses of life

to wet the barren of your hope

and strengthen the fragile soul

with confidence  


let me be the verses of song

to entertain the sadness

and lifted your passion

through the tones


take me

if yes is the answer

in your memory

in your heart

in your days


– mei –



the sea of life



a big wave could come

push even dropped me


sometimes only a minor blow

between my legs

and  I say to my self;

“This is the beauty of sailing on the sea of life”


It doesn’t matter
how big your trial is,
what’s really matter is
the presence of sincerity


– mei –



o love….

don’t let this heart seeking

dropped your petals on this heart

let the fragrance spreads out

to fill this empty soul with passion

come love…, please come

I’m tired of making out with blue

dwell in the solitude of a slowly decaying

let togetherness filled this vulnerable inner

with caring and compassion

o love…., live in me

reached out your strong sense

guide me through the darkness

let me stepped surely on the bridge of life

and fill your greatness in my days


– mei –

if the end is near

at the messy noon
when the breath of life struggling
the torment restrained
in the silence of night
when the breath of life resting
the grief haunted
no naughty tickling from leaves
no jokes from the flirtatious flowers
no swaying of the soft green grass
all just silent ….. in worries
scorch slowly
obliterate  surely
nature crying in deeply
for the dying of sustainability
no one care even aware


– mei –

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Johnny Depp


there are four questions of value in life

what is sacred

of what is the spirit made

what is worth living for

what is worth dying

the answer to each is the same

only love

– mei –

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