on the moon I paint this smile

to the night I leave my loneliness

through the wind I send this longing

in dreams I let this love permeated



through a star


in the night mist before dawn

while gazing at the stars

here… inside me

your presence felt strongly

gaze at the same star

I think love will never come back

apparently it never goes

just like the scent of wine that’s left

a taste of love will linger after

at this moment…

it’s the only dream

yet our new tomorrow will come

when there is no distance

no different time and space

and no more goodbye

to the moments that timeless



the touch of a broken love



 if love is beautiful

as the words that written

why the beauty was so vulnerable

if love is painful

as tenderness as sliced by a knife

why the wound was not bleed

your feelings are so tender

but hinted of disappointment

your words are so sweet

but painted by anguish


please explain … oh poet

whether the words just the expression of feelings

whether the tenderness was the cry of soul

or just an emotional moment when touched by a broken love


oh poet

if the poems were the picture of your heart

how miserable your life is


– mei –


at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet




nothing is perfect (unexpected)


dear Son,
days go by, years changed
I can imagine
how you have become a handsome young man
energetically in do your dream
you know, in life… nothing is perfect
and regret always comes at the end

I do not expect what I have done
to you and your mother would be forgiven

and I am sure that if one day I come or meet you
you will kicked me away  

but deep in my heart…. I know
you still remember me
so the want to see you
continued bubbling in this old chest
my son

I currently watching a photo of us
the day I taught you to fishing
oh dear…. wish I could turn back to that time
but the rice has become porridge
at least I’ve taught you how to fishing
please remember son
if there is a chance to see you
I would fight to grab it

– few days later –


dear sir,
I still have not been able to catch a fish,
please teach me again.






room for love

Love has no culture, boundaries, race and religion
It is pure and beautiful





When God puts love and compassion in your heart.
He’s offering you an opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life


Helping Others Poverty India


In the space of love we find many faces,
it gives us reason to smile
and sometime it’s also gives us reason to cry.

African American family at home



The most valuable in love are to love without return
and to love without selfish motives
with a sole purpose …. give and be given.



Love is equal in all matters.
to be loved is something but to love others is precious.




No matter how strong we are inside,
there is always a part of us that longs for love, care and affection

 lumiere dans la main a



– mei –


“To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.”
Karen Sunde –



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a delivery for you




 YOU …. yes YOU

the one who are reading this

through posts we know each other

through comments we talking to one another

then a friendship rope connected

sharing and supporting

for the sole purpose “cares”

and here I am with a pocket full of love

to delivered to you

please open the door of your heart

and deign to accept

if you say yes

then I will feel better

but if you say never

it will break my heart forever

Happy Valentine’s day

with love,

– mei –




if yes is the answer


Let me be the verses of love

to be with you in solitude

and fill the lonely nights

with dreams


Let me be the verses of life

to wet the barren of your hope

and strengthen the fragile soul

with confidence  


let me be the verses of song

to entertain the sadness

and lifted your passion

through the tones


take me

if yes is the answer

in your memory

in your heart

in your days


– mei –



if there were visiting hours in heaven




they had gone to heaven

because in there they were freed

of burden and responsibility

they had gone to heaven

because there was no suffering

only love and eternal peace


they had gone to heaven

because there was no suffering

and they will found happiness


I asked; “why didn’t you invite me?”

they replied: “your time has not yet come”

then I asked again; ” could I visit you if I miss?”

and an angel interrupt the conversation said;

“there is no visiting hours in heaven!”


– mei –



What does love look like?


What does love look like?

It has the hands to help others.

It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy.

It has eyes to see misery and want.

It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.

That is what love looks like.

 – Saint Augustine –


– mei –



o love….

don’t let this heart seeking

dropped your petals on this heart

let the fragrance spreads out

to fill this empty soul with passion

come love…, please come

I’m tired of making out with blue

dwell in the solitude of a slowly decaying

let togetherness filled this vulnerable inner

with caring and compassion

o love…., live in me

reached out your strong sense

guide me through the darkness

let me stepped surely on the bridge of life

and fill your greatness in my days


– mei –

living for love

last night

I lay on the grass

and I remembered you

and thinking how the world was old

I am here and you were there

separated by distance


we all were living for love

as I was part of you, and you were all of me

all those beautiful words and memories

as the day’s page….. will passed

but it will stay in my remembrance

Happy Thanksgiving

my friends


– mei –

biases of love

You created the bridge of love over the river of  life

and letting me wade alone….,

without guidance


You let the love’s bias slaps the vulnerable faith

to remind me before being immersed

in perverse

O Allah… O Rabbi

let Your love’s biases hitting me

again…and again

so as not be further

dissolved in contemptible


– mei –

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a cup of love


no …., not sweet promises that I expect
but just one word

no …., not persuasion that I expect
but just one word

no …., not the intimacy that I expect
but just one word

no …., not gold or diamonds that I ask
but just
a cup of your love

then ….
I would run into your arms
and announced the world that
I’m in love…


– mei –

her smile

her name is Layla
a woman who’s broke by love
her tears falling quietly
but she smiles

her name is Layla
a woman who trapped in the bitter of love
her heart shattered into pieces
but still she smiles

though passion has died
her soul still hovered in hope
thoughts was dragged into reverie
and living like a broken mirror

her name is Layla
a woman who wondering
whether there any love left
smiles unhesitatingly


– mei –

the puzzle of life

if have to be happy
why there is sorrow

if have to be love
why there is hatred

if have to die
why there is life

if there is peace
why there is war

it is confusing
not dare to think
moreover to choose

which one is right
which one is wrong

which one is good
which one is bad

it might be
the puzzle of life
but …, how to solved it


– mei –

self promised

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Mother Teresa


Spread love everywhere you go

first of all in your own house.

Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor .

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.

Be the living expression of God‘s kindness;
kindness in your face
kindness in your eyes
kindness in your smile
kindness in your warm greeting.

Mother Teresa


– mei –

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an invitation from a grain of sand

though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
perhaps my presence means nothing
for I have been created
and I am here among you

though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
I could have hurt your eyes
but I have been created
and I am here among you

though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
perhaps no one cares to my existence
but I want to do something worth
for you and all of His creation
though small as grain of sand
I am part of this world
please give me a chance
to invite you to share the goodness
and do a meaningful thing to this world

no matter what color you are
no matter what faith you believed
no matter how great you are
with love we were created
to love and beloved we were here


– mei –

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love is much more than a feeling


“It is easy to say, ‘I love you.’

But to actually love is more challenging.

When times get hard, or people behave in hurtful and disappointing ways or

they make negative choices and hurt themselves that is when our love is put to the test.

Love is much more than a feeling.

Love is action.

To love is to treat others with respect, forgiveness, patience, support, and kindness.

These are some of the actions that give real meaning to, ‘I love you.’


Regina – Romancing Soul

– mei –

my mail to a haven’t met brother

somewhere far away
at a place that I couldn’t see
a land which I might never be there
there is a friend
a very good friend
which I have not met
which I have not seen
but has a beautiful heart
who I think had been sent by God
to raised the spirit on my empty days
to care earnestly and sincerely love me
thank you so much for being a wonderful friend
thanks you so much for loving me, brother
I will love you as much as you loved me
I will pray for your freely loving care
blessed your beautiful heart
blessed be for always
blessed you

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I who have nothing

people say I have nothing


I still have care to share

people say I have nothing


I still have love to give

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maybe…., this time

if we could see each other again
wishing words would come to tell you
though I’ve only known a few
I need you

If we could see each other again
wishing words would come to tell you
though I’ve only known a few
I love you

we know from the start
we belong to each other
but we were made mistake along the way
we lost what we both had found
and we were too blind to see

If we could see each other again
I wish maybe this time
we won’t be like strangers
we won’t be apart
we won’t say good-bye


– mei

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last words.

I could only cry

feeling of useless was struggling  in my chest

couldn’t bear to see him wrestled with death

moaned and groaned resignedly

I could only wish

If God allow me to replace him

but the desire was stream away with tears

such as footprint erased by waves

I hugged him and whispered

“please stay with me”

he weakly open his palms

written there “I will always love you”

bitterness slicing inside my bones

half of my soul gone along with him

after he carved his last words in my life

then he sailed to the forest of immortal

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and…. I could do that too
as same as you did to me
perhaps we could have the same wound
but not the same suffering
perhaps we could miss each other
but not the same loss
I know you could forget me
but I couldn’t forget you
to you I’m just a history
but to me you will always be in my memory



– mei –

the victim

I’m not a toy
I’m not goods
to fight for

you said I am the fruit of love
you said I am the rope of love
is that true?

now where is the fruit and the rope?
is it vanished along with love?
then what am I

your ego and arrogance
had buried your love
ignored my existences
and let me buried in misery

If I could choose
I’d rather not to be born


– mei –




though your traces
fade away
no residual
no record

the memories of you
stored neatly
in my mind
and my heart


– mei –



let me

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a seed of hope

 the empty stare tells

that the half of soul has been broken

as twig which dries by the sense of longing

which falls on the land that barren by disappointment

the passion flies along the wind of remorse

leave the broken petals of love flower

which strewn on the mat of waiting

that has been shabby by the lament of suffering

now just a seed of hope that remains

hiding under the leaves that rotten by sorrow

let tears of sorrow to watered

until the flower of love bloom again


poem of a waiting in vain

The orange twilight starting to fade
crawling in weak and weary
It slowly disappears from sight
mixing with dark turned to black

The atmosphere of lonely visiting
accompanied by dog’s howling to knitting the night
arousing  the reverie broke the feelings
restless and confusion  immediate erupt

Bamboo leaves are sighing
sliced by the blade of hope
expressing the longing that can’t restrained
engraved the pain of the splitting soul

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Just to release a remorse
of a hope that haven’t come true
the song of love ripping the heart
because of the uncertainty waiting

The moon is crying the stars lamenting
singing the sonnets of lonely
wind sighing twigs crackling
creating poem for a waiting vain



my guardian angel

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sometimes please me
also irritates me

Sometimes makes me happy
also hurt me

sometimes I miss
also tedious

sometimes makes me laugh
also makes me cry

sometimes I want to be with
also want to leave

the one
always stay near me
always in my mind
always in my heart
just “you”


to Thee

I am weak and helpless
like a grain of sand carried by wind
I am nothing and stupid
drifting in the world’s hypocrisy
dirty, wrapped in sins
to Thee
I have to kneel

to Thee
I could only plead

For not to leave me
walking without Thy guidance
wandering without Thy love
bestowed me Thy blessings
for me to love and to be loved
to forgive and to be forgiven
a strong love to Thee
flowing with my breath
in my blood

to Thee
Thou are the truth
Thou are the glorious
Thou are the power
Thou is perfect
let me feel Thy grace
have mercy on me and forgive my sins
my God
my only Lord

my worship shall only
to Thee


feelings in love

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crying for a love feeling

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“Me” and the lizards

Tonight I’m so lonely
no him, no touch
thinking of him
the one I long for
he is  my hope
alone, siting with these feelings
that put me in miseryOn the wall
two lizards  are playing love
releasing their needs
don’t have to be in longing
don’t have to be hope
don’t have to be in misery
they just do it
as the rule of nature

Tonight I’m still here
sitting alone, remain alone
The lizards are still together
both are satisfied
both are happy
and I’m jealous

Tonight I promised
I don’t  want to be a lizard
lizard doesn’t have
the sense  that I had
it’s the sense of love
as the rule of nature

little boy

the little boy
siting on the mall’s stairs
watching people come and out
carrying shopping bags
some are laughing
some are rushing
he saw a man
who’s siting near by
giving ice cream to his son
reminding him to his late father

mind drawn about him
he will buy me ice cream
he will also by beside me
to celebrate the evening
He is wiping his tears
remained seating
pressing his stomach
so hungry
Hopes of kindness
to give him food
but no one cares

the man near by
Asking about his parentage
His just shaking head
he then
taking his hand
ask him to celebrate
the night with his family
nothing to say
just teary eyes
reaching the man’s hand
Tears changed to a smile
smiling for
the most beautiful
new year gift
he ever had

Why must be her…?

at the time you came to me
seems something you wanna say
struggling to be expressed
but no words spoken

then you look around
don’t understand what is happening
and again…, try
still nothing appears
you crouched in despair
venting with eyes teary

when I look at your face,   then I see your eyes
I knew there was so much you want to say
but still can’t
heart feel like slicing
the world seems falling
too hurt to believe
my dear little angel
you’re too innocent to understand
your deaf is my pain
your mute is my wound
and your misery will always be mine too


Missing you


whisper of yearning caressing,
as if you are here
the longing builds
like a storm on the horizon
tears falling
like rain with no doubt
tearing the heart that scratched
of losing you……,

as I watch you walk away,
I screamed and begged
“please…….. take me with you!”
but you keep walking away
the chains of lonely bind me again
waiting for you to release
and take me with you……,
though just a small part of my heart


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My eyes  see
don’t ask what I saw


My ears hear
don’t ask what I heard

My lips kiss
don’t ask who had been kissed

My hand holds
don’t ask who was held

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my eyes, ears, lips and hands ….., they are still at placed
and I….,
I am here … but could not feel it
perhaps I’m on way to find eternity


– mei –