destiny of the shadow

when you laugh
I also laugh
but I have no voices
when you cry
I want to hug you
but I was unable
it made me disappointed to myself
sometimes I looks vague
and sometimes so clearly
perhaps that’s the reasons of my presence remained on ignore
I was thinking that you were me
since the words that spoken was heard
and I do every thing you do
but you never ever care about me
whereas you cried so sadly
for those that be unfaithful
for those that hurts you so bad
for those that leave you
while me …
which always be with you
was never be seen…. moreover appreciated
I know, I sometimes seen vague or clearly
and have nothing to give… besides faithful
but I will always be with you
I will never harm you
just following in silent
it was my destiny
which must be accepted


– mei –

love makes no differences

only love

that have

no differences


rich and poor

young and old

animals and nature

only love

can create

the sense of equal

to every creatures


to give and be given

and share in a loyalty

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