love doesn’t knows no time




just like an old song

spinning inside heads

wondering if love may grow

and took over the hostility like an ocean wave

washed away the anger with the drifting tide



like the dawn breaking the night

leave the wound of the past

assuring that we will be able to face tomorrow

to see the rising sun with smile

lighting up the day for everyone



though so much pain we’ve perceived

there is also so much hope lies in the future

cannot be predicted but will be faced

and the time will lead us


though it’s going to be a long journey

we’ve should begin now

do not ask when will we stop

because love doesn’t knows no time



– mei –


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a never ended love

take ….. take me to heaven
fly ….. fly me to heaven

just to be with him
please tell me
is there a stairway to heaven?
let me find it so I could be with him
my love
you are so far
come, please come
touch this longing soul
let the love flowing through
keep it flowing
though separated by death

keep believing
our love will never end


– mei –

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a sense to share

let it

high as the sky

deep as the ocean

wide as the horizon

spread  to everyone

let  them  enjoy

the splendour

the  miracle

the beauty



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