His answers


I asked God to omit my problems.
His answer:
No…, your problems not for eliminated but need to be defeated.

I asked God to heal my disability
His answer:
No…, your body is just temporarily but keep your soul to be perfect

I asked God to give me patience
His answer:
No…, patience is the result of trouble not for given but to be learned

I asked God to bless me
His answer:
No…, I had give you thankfulness so your life will never be in lacked.

I ask God to keep me away from suffering
His answer:
No…, suffer will keep you away from worldly attention but bring you closer to me.

I asked God to grown my faith
His answer:
No…, your faith has to grow itself but I will prune to quickly bear the fruit

I ask God to give me everything so I could enjoy life
His answer:
I gave you life to enjoy everything.

I ask God to help me love others as He loves me.
Then He said:
“Hmm….. finally you understood”


– mei –


love is much more than a feeling


“It is easy to say, ‘I love you.’

But to actually love is more challenging.

When times get hard, or people behave in hurtful and disappointing ways or

they make negative choices and hurt themselves that is when our love is put to the test.

Love is much more than a feeling.

Love is action.

To love is to treat others with respect, forgiveness, patience, support, and kindness.

These are some of the actions that give real meaning to, ‘I love you.’


Regina – Romancing Soul

– mei –

from Mom and Dad

This is a copy from youtube,  and I believe most of you have seen it.
But I think it could not hurt to post it here as a reminder that our parents are
need us as we are later need our child at our old days.
We will never be able to avenged their struggle for us,  due to give birth,
raise and sacrifice with their affection.

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