if there were visiting hours in heaven




they had gone to heaven

because in there they were freed

of burden and responsibility

they had gone to heaven

because there was no suffering

only love and eternal peace


they had gone to heaven

because there was no suffering

and they will found happiness


I asked; “why didn’t you invite me?”

they replied: “your time has not yet come”

then I asked again; ” could I visit you if I miss?”

and an angel interrupt the conversation said;

“there is no visiting hours in heaven!”


– mei –



Will you help me?


bring me the messy grain of affection

to be arranged as it should be

do not let it rolled under the foot

so as not to be trampled by the anger


bring me the broken pieces of brotherhood

to be arranged as it should be

do not be left scattered and crushed

by hatred and selfishness

I had tried so hard to re-arrange it

but too large and complicated

Will you help me ….. my friend?


You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.
– John Lennon –


– mei –

the puzzle of life

if have to be happy
why there is sorrow

if have to be love
why there is hatred

if have to die
why there is life

if there is peace
why there is war

it is confusing
not dare to think
moreover to choose

which one is right
which one is wrong

which one is good
which one is bad

it might be
the puzzle of life
but …, how to solved it


– mei –


o sky bird….
sows the seed of love to each empty heart
let the trees of compassion grow

o rain….
wets those dry and barren feelings
so the passionate of love could thrive

o earth….
let the roots of brotherhood spreads to each soul
to remove anger and envies

o wind….
blow the sense of love to the world
whisper the beauty of togetherness
invite them to unite in peaceful


– mei –

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I wonder!

in the rain
under the sun
in each corner of this earth
I am looking for a glimmer of harmony
but it’s rare, even difficult to find
here and there ….just
suffering children
women become widowed
husband had been assassinated
and those that lefts are lamenting for lost
it’s the caused of the power and politics arrogance
to all the leaders of the countries, where is the sense of humanity
why do not we let togetherness growing and developing?
why can’t we cherish  the opportunity that given?
why can’t we keep love and be in peace?
where is the given compassion?
is this our desired?
I wonder!


– mei –

The Indian Coast Guard has released a harrowing video account of its rescue of Rohingya
boat people, showing skeletal men crowded on the gunwales of their sinking vessel.
More than 300 of the boat’s original contingent died and 88 were rescued.


Peace is not only for people, race or certain religion, but it’s the right of humankind


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before the time stops ticking

I keep on pursuing my dreams

until they are left behind and being neglected

yes they ………

those people…….

who are surrounding me

who had filled my days

who needed love and care

who hate and abuse me

I  should realize that the world’s love is fading

before the time stops ticking

I should

be grateful for their presence in my days

say that I care about them

do good to those who hate me

pray for those who abuse me

spreading the graceful feeling of love to them

let’s come my friends…,

let’s together give love and be loved

let’s spreading smile and love to the world …. for peace


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the dream of children of war

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the last wish for the last day

no tear to dropped

since it will be a thorn in my grave

no grief on face

for my soul will lightly fly


let me die in peace

and pray for me

let my body embraced by ground

let my bones devoured by worms

as my soul will surely freed of

burden and responsibility

and begin a new life

at the land of peaceful