the impact of moonlight



that night
when the night was silent
when it felt sweet as honey
the moon hung
crawled slowly like turtle
as watching from many angles


that night
when the night was quiet
when it felt so peaceful
the moon hung
crawled slowly like moths
as creeping  into the mind

sudden disappeared
hiding behind a cloud
the night seemed darker than usual
while the inner of self could be seen clearly
the blood poisoned by wine
the body overpowered by pleasure
and the soul tainted by sin

that night
when the moon has been gone
when the night became darker
this abject self was creeping
searching for the antidote
to dissolving the world’s poison


– mei –





no problem…, no God

within this life

when there is no problem

we just stay quiet

enjoying the comfort

sunk in pleasure


when the problem came

we think

we move

we struggle against it


at such moment

we remember God

we asking and pleading
hoping to be  granted


– mei

the true meaning of life

sailing on the edge of twilight

upon the old soft blue water

seeking answer to a question

which not been answered for so long

sailing in the haze of night lamps

flooded by worldly pleasures

wallowing in flattery and  false tenderness

that change the earth into the meadow of pleasures

sailing to each corner of the heart

anchored in the depths of soul

relieve hunger and thirst of searching

of learning the true meaning of life

finally, landed on a tattered prayer mat

releasing restless and fatigue of searched

prostrating over the tears of remorse

where the true meaning of life waiting in patience

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chase or avoid

is a human instinct to chase it
there is no objection or complaint
it’s a proof that we are the servants of ambition

human instinct to avoid it
bound to be resisted or fled
it’s a proof that we are weak creatures

veil between too thin to be seen
such pouring water into a cracked glass
slowly seeps out in due time



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that’s it

it came from my heart

through my mind

like it or not

that is it

- mei -

me and a pen

there are so much to say
and to disclosed
but it just spinning in my head
don’t know how to expressed
my chest feel burdened
my head feel heavy
seems the time goes so slow
and creating boring days


suddenly you came
brought me a pen
I start disclosing the feeling
while you just sit still and watch
slowly my chest felt loose
my head seems mild
but when I realize
you were gone
leaving me and the pen


– mei –




the second chance

at a crossroads
he stood confused
grappling against pleasure and evil
doesn’t know where to go
lost direction led him astray
nobody to ask for
he cried for help
nobody cares
While trying to find the way out
He looks into his self
then realizing
it was wrapped in the mud of sin
the empty soul
cried out in desperation
lament the stigma that tightly binds
For letting him fall into an object
drifting along regrets
when drowning in despair
He suddenly realizes

there are hands lifting him
out of the humiliating body
he just helpless surrender
but  tightly holding
then he grateful
for the second chance given


living day-by-day
between the sweetness and bitterness
singing, laughing and crying
involved in the black and white of life

under the pouring rain wet by sins
wallowing in the mud of pleasure
under the sunlight dried by wildness
to be swallowed and united with contempt

using the leaves of greed
trying to clean up the dirt
then burn all the responsibilities
with the denial twigs as the coal

but the root of firmness still remaining
which wondering if there still a chance
to guard which had been lent
to keep the trust that given

then realized why could only
asking more and more than giving
regret penetrating to the entire chest
wailing in the tears of remorse

through the body and soul
above the mats strewn with flowers of hope
a plea has been sent for Thy forgiveness
kneeling and thankful for Thy love
which has been given for years in life