he has been hurt

he has been hurt
pierced by the thorns of love
stand among bitterness

he has been hurt
crying and screaming
without sound

he has been hurt
his blood infused by the love’s poison
lethal a half of his soul

he has been hurt
asked me to remove the toxins from the blood
with a passion of hope

he has been hurt
by my love


– mei –


the gamble of love

the flavor of love
cradles the beauties
luring the pleasures
no reasons to be rejected
at the other side
disappointment shadowing
hopes shrouded by uncertainty
no signs of pain
no pictured of sadness

when love game begins
eyes were blind…, ears were deaf
vinegar tasted like wine
unwittingly shadowed by bitterness

her destiny was to be touched by the fingers of love
and created to sipped the wine of love
that always sweet at first
might be bitter at the end

that intoxicated by the poison of feeling
trapped in her love destiny

could become a hopeless drifter


– mei –

the graceful drama of woman’s life

is a beauty feeling that bind woman
closed her eyes with misty dreams
overpowers of her fears of disappointments
that could make ache and sorrow
as strong finger grasps her
might create life-like a narrow prison of hopes

to giving birth
a beauty feeling of sacrifice for happiness
closed her eyes of spider web of risk
overpowers of her fears, for a life
which placed in her might be as the spectre of death
and ties her down to the skies of responsibilities
but create her life completely as woman

the true
love is between her, husband and kid
a woman will sees nothing but
a force of silky and soft of their hands
slowly pressed her to spread her love and swallow the sorrow
that forgotten her smile and drained her tears
through the shadows of love, happy, and death

have to drink the poison of her destiny
from the cup of gratification of two forces
to understanding the reason of suffering and happiness
to the true meaning of the joy of life
as the blessings affection and kindness
of the graceful drama of woman’s life


nine years …, for the next nine years


nine years
I am with your shadow
inherent in my days of lonely
dimmed the expectations
which began to obsolescent


nine years
I  lived with your shadow
which flowed within my blood
poison the body
bring me to fragile


nine years
I  lived with your shadow
which came in every dream
slowly filling the empty niche of my soul
that keep me survive till today


nine years
I  lived with your shadow
praying and hoping with believe
and convincing my heart that
I’ll be waiting for the next nine years



– mei –

deep inside


after all you’ve done to me
My mind says to leave the pain you’ve created
but the love’s chain you’d put around me… too tight

after all you’ve done to me
my mind says to leave the disappointment that cause
but the love’s poison you’d given… fainting me

sometime when you are far away
my heart keeps saying that I miss you

sometime when you are close to me
my mind forgot the engraved wound

and my heart says just wait and hope
and my mind says no more disappointment

and my heart says it’s gonna be alright
and my mind says you will live in pain

but deep inside
I knew this feeling wouldn’t end


– mei –