pledge in a song



I’m just an old singer
though blind
I will always sharing cheers
till this voice lost

I’m just an old singer
though frail
I will not stop singing
till this lips stop moving

suddenly the voice lost
no lips moving
clouds creeping weak
birds flying marched
leaves sighing sadly
drove her to the last place
and the wind blowing gently
exhales the promise in her song


– mei –


photo from google


broke before dawn


you said you loved me

and will keep me happy forever

before the end of the dream

you have promised

that tomorrow night

an engagement ring will be on my finger

the morning sun blushing my cheek

wake me up for work

I could not pay attention on anything

unbearable of waiting for the night to come  

but night after night has passed

wandering and searching for you with hope

at the end

just me and my expectations

I keep convincing my self
every night 

to dream and dream again


all dreams broke before dawn

before the ring attached on my finger


– mei –