no morning light greetings

no silver moon sweet smile

no beauty could be seen behind the tears of regret

dripping into the soul but unable to dissolve the feelings of guilt

if allowed

let me tuck the note of regret between your toes

let me gather the crumbs of forgiveness on the floor of your heart

so I could raise my head

to reply the morning light greetings

and gaze the sweet smile of silver moon




a trust


the knife that pierced so deep
may be not make screams

a basket of painful memories
may be not make tears falling

the poignant was…..
the trust given had been in vainly


– mei –


–  My big thank to Kamelkaka for the image  –


swirling in alleged

maybe I embarrassed
let my self hiding behind the curtain of doubt
and keep my feelings stay inside


maybe I’m blind
didn’t see the time pass through my view
and let the chance slip away


maybe I’m stupid
let my mind laying in regret
with the wish which difficult to expressed


maybe if I meet him again
I will take the time to expressed
the feeling I felt deep inside


maybe he’ll listen, or laugh, or think I’m crazy
maybe he’ll ignore me and just walk away
maybe I will not able to say and keep spinning in alleged

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a little regret but more grateful

Will you one day look back on today and wonder why you were so afraid to take action?

Will you look back one day and not be able to understand why you let so many of life’s
trivial, minor inconveniences get you down and hold you back in such a major way?

Or will you look back on this day and be forever thankful for the way you spent
it and the value you created by making full use of the time available?

Will you look back fondly and see this day as a positive turning point that
launched you toward fulfillment of your most treasured dreams?

Today can eventually become a source of regret or it can become a
source of continuing value. The way it goes depends entirely on
how you live the moments and hours that are
yours right now in this day.

Time is the raw material for success and achievement,
and time is what you have this very day.
The time you need to achieve
the life of your dreams is coming
to you even now.

No matter what has come before or in what
circumstances you find yourself,
there is one thing you can
always do.

You can make the very most of whatever
you have, of wherever you find
yourself, of the time
that is available for
you to use.

Do that today,
the next day
and the next,
and you’ll have very little
to regret
much for which to be grateful.

Ralph Marston

Nobody can go back and start a new begining, but anyone can start today and make a new begining.
– Maria Robinson –


– mei –

a sonnet of painful

the loud sound of blast
broke the silence of the night
splitting the dream
start creating the sonnet of painful

innocence babies crying
children screaming bewilderment
they could only crying and screaming
since they are really in frightened

debris everywhere, flame here and there
bodies lay bathed in blood
bodies lay lifeless
some moaning, some silent

some hurt
some dead
some became defectively
some became orphan

tears will not be enough to pay for grief
regret will not return the dead
the guilt has to live tormented
in this world and hereafter



– mei –

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the victim

I’m not a toy
I’m not goods
to fight for

you said I am the fruit of love
you said I am the rope of love
is that true?

now where is the fruit and the rope?
is it vanished along with love?
then what am I

your ego and arrogance
had buried your love
ignored my existences
and let me buried in misery

If I could choose
I’d rather not to be born


– mei –



the second chance

at a crossroads
he stood confused
grappling against pleasure and evil
doesn’t know where to go
lost direction led him astray
nobody to ask for
he cried for help
nobody cares
While trying to find the way out
He looks into his self
then realizing
it was wrapped in the mud of sin
the empty soul
cried out in desperation
lament the stigma that tightly binds
For letting him fall into an object
drifting along regrets
when drowning in despair
He suddenly realizes

there are hands lifting him
out of the humiliating body
he just helpless surrender
but  tightly holding
then he grateful
for the second chance given

feelings in love

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crying for a love feeling

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