nothing is perfect (unexpected)


dear Son,
days go by, years changed
I can imagine
how you have become a handsome young man
energetically in do your dream
you know, in life… nothing is perfect
and regret always comes at the end

I do not expect what I have done
to you and your mother would be forgiven

and I am sure that if one day I come or meet you
you will kicked me away  

but deep in my heart…. I know
you still remember me
so the want to see you
continued bubbling in this old chest
my son

I currently watching a photo of us
the day I taught you to fishing
oh dear…. wish I could turn back to that time
but the rice has become porridge
at least I’ve taught you how to fishing
please remember son
if there is a chance to see you
I would fight to grab it

– few days later –


dear sir,
I still have not been able to catch a fish,
please teach me again.