chasing the shadow



I can see the sun
why can’t I see my shadow
pouring prayer and praises into the cup of faith 


I can see the dark
I can see my shadow
sipping the wine of pleasure from the cup of sin 

Oh Allah …..,
I am just a grain of substances
which was allowed to stop by and enjoy life
but tend to choose pleasure than piety
I’ve crossed the ocean to the edge of universe
to correct  the mistake of my shadow
it has to come from the fibers of this self
to kneel below Thy splendor


– mei –



the true meaning of life

sailing on the edge of twilight

upon the old soft blue water

seeking answer to a question

which not been answered for so long

sailing in the haze of night lamps

flooded by worldly pleasures

wallowing in flattery and  false tenderness

that change the earth into the meadow of pleasures

sailing to each corner of the heart

anchored in the depths of soul

relieve hunger and thirst of searching

of learning the true meaning of life

finally, landed on a tattered prayer mat

releasing restless and fatigue of searched

prostrating over the tears of remorse

where the true meaning of life waiting in patience

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