there will always be more.

it is better to light candles
than to curse the darkness.

it is better to plant seeds
than to accuse the earth.

the world needs all of our power and love and energy,
and each of us has something that we can give.

the trick is to find it and use it,
to find it and give it away.

there will always be more.

we can be lights for each other,
and through each other’s illumination
we will see the way.

each of us is a seed,
a silent promise,
and it is always spring.

~ Unknown –


– mei –

a seed of hope

 the empty stare tells

that the half of soul has been broken

as twig which dries by the sense of longing

which falls on the land that barren by disappointment

the passion flies along the wind of remorse

leave the broken petals of love flower

which strewn on the mat of waiting

that has been shabby by the lament of suffering

now just a seed of hope that remains

hiding under the leaves that rotten by sorrow

let tears of sorrow to watered

until the flower of love bloom again