the sea of life



a big wave could come

push even dropped me


sometimes only a minor blow

between my legs

and  I say to my self;

“This is the beauty of sailing on the sea of life”


It doesn’t matter
how big your trial is,
what’s really matter is
the presence of sincerity


– mei –


the university of life

when our heart has been hurt badly, it means that we are learning about forgive

when we are tired and disappointed, it means that we are learning about sincerity

when we are feeling lonely and alone, it means that we are learning about toughness

when we have to pay something which was not our responsibility,

it means that we are learning about generosity

be patient
keep learning
keep on spirit
keep smiling
keep loving

we are studying at the university of life



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have not had the time to bloom

you had said I must be patient and courageous
so I want you also be patient and courageous to faced this

you said if I cry then I will look ugly
so I want you not to cry
then I will remember you as beauty as seen

you had taught me to sincerity give and be given
so I want you to sincerity release me

oh my mother

please do not cry
I am not going too far
just to be close to God
as you said that God loves his children
well I am one of them
and I think He misses me
therefore He asks me to come closer

I know that you will miss me
as I will also miss you
I hope you could release the sense of longing
by seeing those flowers in our garden
cause I would be among them
as a flower bud that have not had the time to bloom
although not for quite long
I am grateful of being your daughter
I love you mother



you suckle at my breasts

you fall asleep in my lap

you cry in my arms

you sick I awake

Your wish is my prayer

your trouble is in my mind

my face lines carved by your tears

my tears to pay your suffering

I hide my misery

but keeping you happy

I sacrifice my hopes

but lash your spirit

not a cent in return


love and respect

you are not aware yet

I believe you will…, one day

the time you became as me

the time you became a mother

at that time you will understand

the sincerity

of being a mother