I am saturated
of translating the night’s songs

I am tired
of counting the stars

I want to go
flying among the clouds
to avoid this loneliness

I want to be blown by the wind
greet the leaves
pinching butterflies
chatting with birds
then my days remain unfilled
and ends with a smile


her smile

her name is Layla
a woman who’s broke by love
her tears falling quietly
but she smiles

her name is Layla
a woman who trapped in the bitter of love
her heart shattered into pieces
but still she smiles

though passion has died
her soul still hovered in hope
thoughts was dragged into reverie
and living like a broken mirror

her name is Layla
a woman who wondering
whether there any love left
smiles unhesitatingly


– mei –

their dreams


be thankful
for a grain of rice that you eat

moreover if it making you full


be thankful
for a drop of water you drink

moreover if it eliminating your thirst


be thankful
for be protected from rain and heat

moreover if you having a house


be thankful
for receive a smile

moreover if that is a hug


be thankful
for a care received

moreover if it is affection


keep thankful
for anything you get and anything you have
because that is dream to those which does not get and have


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you are you


my dear friend

stop being unhappy with your self,  you are perfect

stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people
liked you as much as they like someone else

stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks,
love them,
without those things you wouldn’t be you and
don’t ever think want to be anyone else

if anyone hates on you because you are happy with your self,
don’t stick your middle finger in the air, just say screw it

don’t even think to depend your happiness on others

just believe that
you are happy because you love who you are
you love your imperfections,
you love your flaws

they make you ‘YOU’
you are amazing.

be confident with who you are
SMILE, it’ll draw people in

nothing is perfect but God
for some people

you are their inspirations
you are their reasons
you are their happy

you are their idol
you are …………

you are ……..
you are ….
just be your self

you deserved to have a happy
and valuable life because

you have potential
you have talents
you are lovable

everyone loves you
we love you
I love you



– mei –

thousand meaning of smile and tears


– mei –


YOU …yes …YOU

the one reading this now

I want you to do something

because you can
because you are so beautiful
because you are special
no matter what you think
just SMILE
because smile could bring love
because your  smile  could warm everyone’s heart
because a smile could bring love to the world


– mei –

before the time stops ticking

I keep on pursuing my dreams

until they are left behind and being neglected

yes they ………

those people…….

who are surrounding me

who had filled my days

who needed love and care

who hate and abuse me

I  should realize that the world’s love is fading

before the time stops ticking

I should

be grateful for their presence in my days

say that I care about them

do good to those who hate me

pray for those who abuse me

spreading the graceful feeling of love to them

let’s come my friends…,

let’s together give love and be loved

let’s spreading smile and love to the world …. for peace


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