to my friends

for you is a dream

big enough to capture your heart

bright enough to illuminate your mind

deep enough to satisfy your spirit

May you find the strength to pursue it

and be enriched by it across the years


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

my dear friends


with love



the fallen snow


I saw snow
slowly falling
white …., beautiful
I touched
hard, ,,,.flat
it did not cold
just room temperature
a bit disappointed
but grateful to WordPress
for the snow that fell in Indonesia
though only in my laptop


– mei –

two seasons to wait

there is a land
where snow could be touched
where snow could be felt
I never been there
but I want to be there
and I’ll be there

at the snowing land
there is someone
someone so special
someone  I loved
and I will loving him
till last

I am now  in the land of snow
touching the snow
feeling the cold
waiting for him
he hasn’t come

in the land of snow
the winter has gone
spring surrounding
I am still waiting
but he hasn’t come
and he never comes


– mei _

falling snow

looking far down the road
waiting for him to come
through the window I see
the coming snow
falling up on the pine leaves
it falls everywhere
as my eyes can see
I ran out and touch it
enjoying the sense of its cold
for the first time


the cold began penetrating
but he has not come yet
I wondering
would he be the same as I knew
would he be nice as online
and another more… “would he”
I sudden see a figure
walking towards me
my heart begins to beat
it might be him
I shyly smile
he staring at me and smile
open his arms and say
“come I’ll keep you warm”