pledge in a song



I’m just an old singer
though blind
I will always sharing cheers
till this voice lost

I’m just an old singer
though frail
I will not stop singing
till this lips stop moving

suddenly the voice lost
no lips moving
clouds creeping weak
birds flying marched
leaves sighing sadly
drove her to the last place
and the wind blowing gently
exhales the promise in her song


– mei –


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if yes is the answer


Let me be the verses of love

to be with you in solitude

and fill the lonely nights

with dreams


Let me be the verses of life

to wet the barren of your hope

and strengthen the fragile soul

with confidence  


let me be the verses of song

to entertain the sadness

and lifted your passion

through the tones


take me

if yes is the answer

in your memory

in your heart

in your days


– mei –



the song of bamboo leaves



I slowed my step

watching the lodge carefully

the bamboo leaves was increasingly shade and skewed

but the lodge was still the same

as the last time I came

nothing has changed

when I opened the door

as if I saw my grandmother

sitting in her rocking chair

staring out the window…. humming

then I see myself come, clinging and question her

you are humming grandmother,…. what song?

oo ….  just follow the song of bamboo leaves my dear

a dragonfly passed by in front of my face

disperse my musings

I enter the lodge and sit on grandma’s rocking chair

try to understand the thing that she did

in silence …. I began to hear

a lovely song

I let it flow within this soul

to blend with the memories of my childhood

the song of bamboo leaves

filled my longing of grandma’s warm hug


– mei –


the same old song

the expectations moving

the dream squirmed

the passion raised

the tired of hiding

dragged her to stand up against the storm

but the heart was not strong enough

to raced with the past

the cloud came back

in blackish gray

the lightning strikes

throw her back

to the place where she ever been hiding

to heard the same old song

in different lyrics


– mei –


the awakening


In the early dawn of happiness
you gave me three kisses
so that I would wake up
to this moment of love

I tried to remember in my heart
what I’d dreamt about
during the night
before I became aware
of this moving
of life

I found my dreams
but the moon took me away
It lifted me up to the firmament
and suspended me there
I saw how my heart had fallen
on your path
singing a song

Between my love and my heart
things were happening which
slowly, … slowly
made me recall everything

You amuse me with your touch
although I can’t see your hands.
You have kissed me with tenderness
although I haven’t seen your lips
You are hidden from me.

But it is you who keeps me alive

Perhaps the time will come
when you will tire of kisses
I shall be happy
even for insults from you
I only ask that you
keep some attention on me.

– Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi –


– mei –