chasing the shadow



I can see the sun
why can’t I see my shadow
pouring prayer and praises into the cup of faith 


I can see the dark
I can see my shadow
sipping the wine of pleasure from the cup of sin 

Oh Allah …..,
I am just a grain of substances
which was allowed to stop by and enjoy life
but tend to choose pleasure than piety
I’ve crossed the ocean to the edge of universe
to correct  the mistake of my shadow
it has to come from the fibers of this self
to kneel below Thy splendor


– mei –



run by love

Have an intention for everything you do.

An intention is a mini-goal.

Without intention, you are thrown around by the waves of the ocean of life.

You can land almost anywhere, including landing on the rocks.

Having an intention for everything you do is deciding in advance where you are going and where you will land.

With intention you set your sail, and you sail where intended.

Make it your intention, to be loving in spite of whatever happens.

Decide to have your life run by love.

Fuel your day with love, the most powerful force in the universe.

When you are loving you experience love.

Remember that love and being loving,
is living in the same energy as being positive,
being happy,
being successful
and being abundant.

– Lester Levenson –


– mei –

a never ended love

take ….. take me to heaven
fly ….. fly me to heaven

just to be with him
please tell me
is there a stairway to heaven?
let me find it so I could be with him
my love
you are so far
come, please come
touch this longing soul
let the love flowing through
keep it flowing
though separated by death

keep believing
our love will never end


– mei –

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behind the vulnerability

do we realize that we are living

in the magnificent cage of prejudice?

which constructed to hide our shortage

do we realize that we are singing

among the jealousy hills?

to protect from our inability

do we realize that we are sneaking

in the dense jungle of judgement?

to hide our mistakes

do we realize that we are staying

behind the solid walls of arrogance?

to protect our selves pride

do we realize that we are generous

easy to pity…. ?

that vanish at the time we look away

we should realize that we are

the perfect creäture on the universe

but we shut down our selves

and feel safe by hiding behind our vulnerable
why don’t we admitted

that we can’t overcome the selfishness

and not becoming more available to others

in sharing our love and attention

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